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yoongay: hey

jiminie: hey

yoongay: you got skype?

jiminie: yeah it's excujime


incoming call from iamyesinfired

"holy shit you're hot" 'yoongay' blurted out. "what the fuck dude? i'm not gay?" i said shaking my head rapidly. "dude we met on a website called" he looked me up and down. "yeah i-i was just j-joking around, i have a-a girlfriend".

"well i can change that babyboy i'm yoongi but you can call me daddy"

i'm screaming rn i'm so excited for this fic holy shit it's such a good idea. yoonmin is my s h i t. hope u liked this chapter bc i fucking lovED IT
see u next chapter u kinky shit

- alex

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