Chapter #1 (At school)

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Hi im back! Just to let you know, my friend Lexi and her sister Sami helped me write this chapter because they have their own characters, but they don’t have accounts (yet!) so I cant dedicate it to them. So im going to dedicate it to writer4ever13 for being my first voter


After I finished my breakfast, I went back upstairs to brush my teeth and get my backpack. I hopped in out 2008 silver mustang. My mom and I always joked that I’d get the car for my first, and then wreck it. I wanted a mustang really badly, but I knew that if I got one as my first car, I’d probably jack it up anyway. I would be happy with any type of ford!

Mommy hopped in the car next to me. “Ready?” she asked. “Yup. I’m as ready as I’ll ever be! ” And then we drove to school listening to Stereo Hearts and singing along to the radio, getting weird looks at stoplights because we were in a convertible with the top down.

(At school)

Jamie’s POV

“Erg, school…” I mutter under my breath as I elbow my way through the slow-moving crowd. “Hey Jamie!” “” Hey Jamie!” I always get lots of “HI’s” in the morning when my friends see me. After I got all of my stuff in my locker, I went to my first class, home etc.  I love home etc. because lots of my friends are in that class, and while my brain is still not fully on, I don’t have to think too hard. I was a couple of minutes early so I just sat on top of the table and talked to Lexi, my best friend since forever. 

“Hey, what’d you have for breakfast?”

“I had a breakfast hot pocket and a monster.”

“LEXI!!! You know what monsters do to you!” only a few people know this but when Lexi drinks a monster she starts jumping like she’s on a trampoline.

“I know.. I hardly got any sleep last night” Lexi said with a pouty face

“Why is that?” after I said that I put my hand on my hip and raised my eyebrow

“’cuz Sami got joey to lick my foot all night because she put peanut butter and syrup on it and it would not come off no matter how many showers I took!” when Lexi was explaining this I was laughing so hard I was about to pee myself.

“Ha… ha… oh... stop stop… it hurts!!” I managed to gasp in between fits of laughter.

While all of this was happening, Mr. Burrito (ironic I know, it was very weird getting used to) walked in the room, he was laughing at our conversation, because he’s that cool.

“Alright class, this month we’re going to work on, drum roll please…..”

The whole class starts to bang on their tables

“This month we are working on…….”

“Come on already, spit it out!” I sort-of-yell at Mr. Burrito, and he just chuckles at my outburst

“OK, OK! This month we are working on food. ” Mr. Burrito finally said

“Yes!” Lexi and I both say at the same time, then high-five each other.

“Glad to see that you are so excited! This week we will start off with appetizers. The appetizers will be spinach artichoke dip with pita triangles (A/N pita is a type of bread), homemade chili-cheese fries, hot pockets, and lastly spicy chicken wings. You are probably wondering what we will be doing today because that was only four foods. Well today you have a free study period so you can eat your snacks and talk to your friends. ”

“Isn’t Mr. Burrito awesome?” I asked Lexi  

“Yep” she replied

“I’m gonna go talk to joseph because he said he wanted to tell me something important” I said

“When? , its first period. We haven’t seen him since Friday? ” Lexi asked me.


“OK, since Mr. Thomas isn’t here you can have a period to study or whatever just doesn’t bother me. Alright??” the substitute said

Lexi, Joseph, German and I went into a practice room, to talk about my crush.

After I told German about David and Adam, Joseph said eww how could you like him he is ugly. When we were about to leave, Joseph asked if he could see my phone so I gave it to him. While he had it he put his number in my phone for no reason (weird right?)


After I told lexi that she said ”ookkay then!!” and then, randomly “whatd you bring for your snack?”

“I brought a granola bar, an apple and a quesadilla.” (this is what her face looked like afterwards \O.o/)

“OMIGOSH dude! What the heck?” lexi bursted

“are you questioning my snackagage?” I replied

“hecks no! that’s AWESOME! But ypu are so weird to bring that much food….” Lexi said

“well, I AM Jamie!”

 Hopefully i will write more tonight with lexi. Gotta go eat somee cube steak!





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