This was crazy... Tomomi knew that this crazy. Why was she standing here silently and listening to Haruna's plans? She couldn't believe that everyone was agreeing to Haruna's plan. The girls were talking about helping smuggle Rina out of a retired police officer's house... There had to be something illegal about that certainly. They would be putting themselves in danger... But would it be worth it?

When Tomomi thought of how lonely Rina might be feeling without her friends, she wondered if it was truly worth it to. There was a part of her that believed Haruna's plan was worth the risk but there was a different part of her that said it wasn't worth the risk. At this point, Tomomi felt conflicted about how she should feel.


The sound of her name broke Tomomi away from her worried thoughts, forcing her to look up at the boss who was now gazing directly at her. She shrunk back slightly, looking over to Mami for help. The blonde, however, wasn't even looking at her to see the desperate look she held on her face.

"Your friend is responsible for the mess we're in right now," Haruna said. Tomomi gulped softly. She had halfway been hoping that Haruna didn't remember Mao's part in all of this. "You will be helping with getting the money."

"Haruna..." Mami spoke in a low tone but Haruna ignored her, acting as if she hadn't even heard the blonde speak.

"If anything goes wrong, you'll just serve as a good distraction. You—"

"This is not what we agreed on!" Mami's tone was louder now, taking the group by surprise and ending Haruna's sentence abruptly. Tomomi looked back over at the blonde, noticing a harsh look in her eyes as she shot a glare at Haruna. The leader scoffed slightly and rolled her eyes at Mami's words. "We agreed on you, me, and Yukako getting the money. It never involved Tomomi."

"Yukako cannot help us in the way we planned, Mami," Haruna said in a calm tone. "I thought her arm would be healed by now but I can see that she is still healing."

"I've healed a lot, Haruna. I am capable of everything that I used to be. I don't even have to wear the sling as often anymore," Yukako tried to reason with her. Haruna shook her head slowly, refusing the pigtailed brunette's words.

"No. It is already my fault that you were injured in the first place. I'm not going to allow you to further injure yourself," Haruna said in a strict tone. Yukako opened her mouth but closed it quickly after, sighing softly and murmuring a soft agreement.

"Haruna, I'm not going to allow you to use Tomomi as bait," Mami said. She wanted to get the subject back on track. She wasn't about to let Haruna slip away with this one. The two girls had discussed this previously and Haruna had never said anything about this.

"Ogawa has a lot of making up to do for Oshiro's actions... Unless she would like Oshiro to pay up instead." When Mami heard the brunette's words, she clenched her hands into fists. What was Haruna thinking? It wasn't Tomomi's fault that her friend was a loud mouth idiot. Why was Haruna desiring to put Tomomi in such risk to get back at Mao? Mami wasn't following Haruna's train of thought and she didn't understand why Haruna was acting like this.

"It's okay..."

The soft voice broke up the girls' small argument, causing both of them to look over at her. Tomomi gulped softly, shifting her feet nervously on the ground. She knew she was going to regret this... But she knew she would regret it more if she allowed Haruna near Mao. She couldn't just sit back and allow that to happen. Mao was her friend too.

"Haruna, I'll agree to help you however I can," Tomomi said. "Just please don't scare Mao. She's already scared enough."

"Good." Haruna's response was short and simple before she turned to the other girls. "Mami, Tomomi, and I will focus on getting the needed amount of money. Aina will convince Omar to let her inside to see Rina while Hinako and Yukako will be outside to help get Rina away from the house."

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