Into the Shadows.

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Naruto POV before the :*

We were told who our partner would be for the search party.

Pair 1: Shikamaru and Choji, searching the East side of Konoha.

Pair 2: Asuma and Ino, the communicators for the mission.

Pair 3: Kakashi and Sakura, searching the North side.

Pair 4: Naruto and Sasuke, searching the West side.

"So all of you know your roles?"

We all nodded

"Okay then lets begin. Scatter!"

We all ran different direction. I had the black haired 'prince' by my side. We were in a flat plains area, I could see tree's in the background.

Granny Tsunade told us yesterday that we were searching for Orochimaru's hideout, but I had my own mission. If I were to find Orochimaru. I would ask him if he could teach me how to become strong. I dont want to remain how I am. Even if I get filled up with hatred. Even if I have to betray the ones I care about. I just want to belong...

We reached the forest and I jumped up on to a tree. I realized when I leaped onto the branch, Sasuke wasn't by my side, he was staring at me from behind. 'Whats he staring at?' I ignored the staring but I could feel his gaze.

About 10 minutes after ariving in the forest, Ino spoke in his head. I looked at Sasuke to make sure he was hearing too, and all he did was nod.

She talked about how we needed to split up and look for more information. Perfect chance for me to search for Orochimaru.
"Alright teme, I go right, you go left, meet back up in 15"

He nodded and I knew he meant he was ready. I turned around getting ready to jump to the next tree, but then I felt something gently grab my arm. I turned around to see what he wanted, but instead I was answered with his lips connected to mine.

(Current Time)

'What...' I stood there, stiff as a rock, wide eyed and probably tomato red. Sasuke's eyes were closed. I didn't know what to do. I panicked and pushed him away. He stumbled back and landed bottom first onto the bark of the tree.

I stood there staring at him with eyes full of suprisement and confusion. My legs were getting weak, my thoughts were dancing in my head. 'Why did he do that? He doesn't.... Like me right? I mean of course not no one would ever like me. Its been proven to me many times...'

Then four stinging words came out of my mouth.

"Teme, stop playing around!" I laughed, with a small smile on my face.

'What am I saying... No wait. Im doing the right thing'

"Stay focused. We'll meet back in 15." and with that I jumped to the next tree not turning back.

Right before I left the last thing I saw was Sasuke's surprised face.
Was he upset I pushed him? Did he not notice he kissed me!? He's probably playing with me. Well Im done with being played with.

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