Something feels off.

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Sasuke POV

Naruto walked out of the restroom pretending nothing happened. When I picked up Naruto's hand in the bathroom I saw many scars and about three that look freshly cut.

Sakura stood there, continuing to ask what had happened in there. I just ignored her and said "Nothing Sakura. This doesn't concern you." It doesn't really concern me either, I thought. But soon it would concern me.

I sat on the opposite side of Sakura and kept thinking about Naruto. Why would Naruto do that? He was always so happy, gentle. He smiled all the time, but when I saw him staring at the floor while asking for his arm, something felt wrong. Something felt off.

I was taken away from my thoughts when Naruto yelled "C'mon guys! Kakashi's probably waiting for us! With a huge smile on his face. Sakura nodded and said "Ugh. Naruto already so loud" walking out of the apartment. I sat there staring at Naruto. He kept smiling at me, smiling at me like nothing ever happened. "Naruto.." I spoke then a frown was instantly planted on his face. He walked out and said in his normal voice "Lets go, close the door behind you" with a slight smile on his face.

I stood up and walked to the door. Ignoring everything that just happened. Maybe I was over reacting. Maybe those cuts on his arms and the blood stained on the sink were nothing.

-Time skip brought to you by Unicorns that poop oreo's-

We arrived at the bridge where we always met up to go on the mission. As usual Kakashi sensei was late. Team 10 was here, they were told to acompany us on the mission.

"Sasuke!!" Ino yelled as she was running towards me to hug me. I moved out of the way right when she jumped up to try and hug me, seeing her fall right after.

I looked over to see her other teamates Choji and Shikamaru. Shikamaru was face palming while Choji chowed down on some chips.

"Hah!! That's what you get pig! Sasuke would never love you!"

"Same goes for you Sakura." I said in a calm voice, facing away from her.

Ino laughed under her breath while Shikamaru and Choji came to help her up.

"What a drag...
Where's Kakashi Sensei?"

"He's always late so lets just discuss the plan while he arrived" answered Asuma Sensei.

Yesterday Tsunade summoned us to tell us our new mission, which was to try and find Orochimaru's hideout. She said it was located near the edge of the fire nation.

"You all heard what Lady Tsunade asked for us so I trust each and every one of you will do your job. There will be four pair's that will search three different possible locations to where his hideout is."

"Oh! Pair me with Sasuke Kun, Sensei!" Bawled out Ino.

"No way, pig! He's in my team so he's mine!" complained Sakura.

I ignored them and rolled my eyes. Asuma continued their plan.

"Unfortunatly Ino I didn't make the pairings, anyway the first pair will search the east side, which will be Choji, and Shikamaru." Choji nodded still nomming on his chips, and Shikamaru looked bored but nodded his head as well.

"Second pairing will be Me and you Ino. I will need you to communicate with the other while they are searching."

"Understood." mumbled Ino.

"Third will be Kakashi and you Sakura searching the North side. Ino will contact you if any of the search parties are hurt."

"Fine, but Kakashi Sens--" Sakura was cut off by a poof of smoke.

"You called?" said Kakashi mockingly.

"Finally Kakashi Sensei! Took you long enough" exclaimed Naruto.

Now that I think of it. Its just me and Naruto who haven't been paired.

"Nice of you to join us Kakashi almost finished explaining the plan to them, so hold on a bit. Naruto and Sasuke are the only ones left so you guys will be checking the west side."

"Ehh?! Why do I have to be with Teme!! Argued Naruto.

"You should be honered to be paired with him!" said both Sakura and Ino in unicon.

"Tch.." was all I heard coming out of dobe's mouth.

"So all of you know your roles?"

We all nodded

"Okay then lets begin. Scatter!"

All the pair's went in separate directions including us.

Naruto and I were running on flat plains heading to the west side of Konoha. I looked over to Naruto seeing his hair gently blowing back away from his face. His eyes. There was a slight hint of pain in them. They seemed dead. I snapped back into reality when Naruto jumped up. I noticed we were in a huge green forest. It looked pretty scary. I jumped up after Naruto. Following him.

We've been jumping through the tree's for about 10 minutes, when we heard Ino in our heads.

"Are you guys in the forest yet?"

"Yeah, been in here for awile now"

"Okay the next step is for both of you to split up and look around for the hideout. Meet up 15 minutes after you've searched and share anything you may have found. Then give me a call"

"Okay. Thanks Ino" replied Naruto.

And with that she was gone. "Okay teme, ill go right and you go left, meet back up in 15."

Those words. They didn't sound right. He sounded like he needed something, but all I could do was nod. He replied with a nod, then turned around getting ready to jump to the next tree.

What I didn't notice, was that at that moment my body moved on its own. I grabed his arm, turned him around and laid a gentle kiss on his lips.


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