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OK. LETS FINISH THIS! This is the last chapter if you guys didn't know. I dont know if you guys will like it or not but hopefully you deal with it :3 Now! Let the games begin -Kyu~


Sasuke POV

I stared at Naruto seeing a pained expression making me think he still wanted to come back to the village but feared it.

He slowly stood up and looked at me as if he was searching inside my soul, and then I realized his eyes were red, lwaking with anger, hate, and loathe for everyone around him. I quickly got into fighting position with Kakashi Sensei in front of me, while Shiro and Sakura stood beside me. Sakura had the most miserably sorrowful face. Shiro was just pretty much focused on the battle that was about to commence. Kakashi and I on the other hand were looking dead on towards Naruto determined we would bring him back. Sasuke because he loves Naruto, and Kakashi because Iruka had told him "Please take care of Naruto" before he diedin the hostital room in Konoha. (You KakashixIruka guys happy? Not that it was a happy moment.. ewe)

The red eyes... The red chakra... The hatred Im sensing... "Kakashi this isn't Naruto.." I asked knowing the answer. Kakashi responded in a nod keeping his eyes on the Naruto imposter.

"NARUTO! Get a hold of yourself! Don't go to him! We dont need him! Just please.." Sakura aaid as she started crying "Please.. Stop.."

Naruto POV

-Timeskip back to the past-

They need to go away


I need to go away..

I kept on looking straight into Sasuke's so he didnt notice what I was doing inside my mind.


What do you want now.. Asked Kuruma. The jinjuriki that has been woth me since I was young.

Orochimu had tought me how I could constantly change who I was. I was either Naruto or Kuruma. I rarely changed into Kuruma because he would usually make havoc around us. But over the years he's learned to listen and took a liking to me. He still talks rudely to me, but still does what I ask. For him its mostly "pating rent" but I know he doesn't think of me as a bad person.

I need a favor..

And that would be?

Can you keep them distracted for a few minutes. Dont kill them of course.. I need time to think, and I dont want to make the wrong decision.

Didn't you leave them for a reason, kit? Why not kill them?

They.. They never treated me bad.. Except for Sakura.. But shes changed. So I don't think they deserve to die. So please. Accept the favor..

Fine but you owe me.

Yeah I know

And with that Kuruma closed his eyes. And I felt some relief come off my shoulders when I noticed I was no longer in my body but beside Kuruma in his home. He no longer had a cage he roamed around now. There was one island in the middle of  a lake which had his home, a big cave. The lake was covered in red because it was reflecting the color of the sky. Outside of his cave was a house. The same replica of the house I had in Konoha. That home was the only thing I had so I brought it with me.

Sasuke POV

Naruto was staring at us. I stood there staring right back, waiting to see if he would make the first move. I knew he would fight back because he let the nine tails take over his body.

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