Me and My Thoughts.

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Writer-chan here!
Hope you enjoy this phoney masterpiece!
This story takes place in Shippuden but there are some differences. Sasuke's clan was not annihilated, and Sasuke didn't go with Orochimaru.
Naruto POV

I grabbed my ramen out of the microwave, walked to the small cabinet which held the utensils, opened it and grabbed a pair of chopsticks, then walked to the table where I sat, alone. Everyday. I sat there quietly, so quiet that I could hear myself slurping up the ramen. Not that I disliked the sound

The lights were turned off and heard crickets singing. Figured they would be here, haven't cleaned my apartment in ages, I pondered to myself.

People always disliked me.. No, not disliked me.. Hated me. They hated the beast in me, they all blamed me for destroying the village. What did I do?!? I was only a day old. I didn't do anything, and to top it all off, both my mother and father died.

I was always made fun of in school. I didn't know why at the time. Then, I figured it out when one of my Sensei's told me I had a beast in me.

I tried making friends, I started acting goofy and happy, so people would like me, or at least treat me nicer. It never worked out though. Every time one of their parents saw me with them. They would quickly call them and tell them to stay away from me.

Their faces always looked the same. Fear and anger. And every time I saw that face expression I started hating myself more and more as the days of my childhood went on.

The only thing that made me happy while in class was when Sakura-Chan talked to me. She was very mean to me back then, but I didn't care. One day I saw Sakura flirting with the new kid, Uchiha Sasuke. I've hated him ever since.

After that I fell into deep depression. Hah.. Yeah.. Stupid, I know. I rarely sleep now, I have cut marks on my wrist, I drug myself hoping that when I fall asleep my eyes and heart stop functioning. Not that anyone would care anyways. I had no friends, no parents, No One.

I once did have someone who cared. Iruka Sensei. But he was gone now. Went on a mission and never returned.

What if I did the same? If I left and never returned. Would people miss me then? I ask myself this oftenly, and the same conclusion gets drawn out, No.

I slowly rose up from my chair and threw my cup of ramen away. I walked to the restroom and stared at the sink cabinet for a few minutes. Should I? After asking myself that I opened the cabinet in anger and pulled out a new razor. Oh, how I missed you, you missed me too, right? I gave a small sigh and realized I was going mad. I should stop this.. Starting tomorrow. I held up the razor up analysing it, then brought it down to my wrist. Here it goes. One. I slowly placed it on my skin, and ever so gently slid it across. Two. I moved the hand holding the razor lower. This time my mind wanted something different, The razor dug in deep enough as to where I wouldn't faint. Ngh. My eyes were closed but opened when I heard dripping. You've probably know of what. I felt pain, but at the same time it was refreshing. The villagers don't know that I do this, not like they would care anyways. They probably want me gone. Who am I kidding, they do want me gone.

And lately I've been thinking, I'll make their dream come true.

I washed away the feeling on my arms slowly. Ahhh this'll make a scar. I bandaged my wrist tightly and walked out of the bathroom bringing my mask with me.

If there are any mistakes please tell me c: I read this in published mode and it came up looking so weird. It was repeating paragraphs. Pls tell me if thats just for me and not you.

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