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Naruto POV


I opened my eyes to see a raven haired boy staring at me with relief glued to his face. He felt different his voice got much deeper and his hair grew a bit longer. Behind him I saw the pink haired kunoichi, a silver haired sensei and a chocolate haired ninja, who I assumed was my replacement.

"So you were the visitors Orochimaru was speaking about.. I didn't think it would be my old team." I spoke while chuckling.

To tell you the truth' I'm happy they came... I didn't think anyone cared about me, but I wasn't going to show them my real feelings.. They hurt me in the past and thats all that matters to me.

"I see you found my replacement, you dont look to tough, which isnt a problem, but I do have a problem with you looking similar to me." I added with a smirk on my face.

My replacement answered back with a response that maddened my mood.

"A low life like you shouldn't even be talking to me.. Betraying your friends like that. I came here to get you back. Thats all I want, I cant stand them anyway.. The pink one over here is bossy and the one with the school boy crush on you never talks."

The one with the scool boy crush on me?


I had a face of confusion and anger shining so far that Gaara could probably see it.

While I was out and confused I didn't notice Sakura walking towards me.

I snapped out of my daydream and saw Sakura's fist lunging towards my face. I felt a cycle of pain start from my cheek and continue to flow through my body.

Her punches sure have gotten tougher

Her punch made an impact which threw me to the air where then my back hit the bark of a tree.

Before I realized what just happened Sakura had her arms wrapped around me embracing me in a tight hug.

"Naruto.. Im so sorry! I didn't meant hurt you... Its just that Sasuke has a crush on you and thats why I acted so mean, but I know what I did was wrong and I miss you. We all miss you! Please! Please, come back to the village!" she said rambling through sobs.

At this point I felt bad and was holding so much guilt in my chest...

I know my personality hasn't changed since I left. I still cared for them and thought of them as my friends, but I needed to act tough..

"Oi, Sakura thats enough.." Sasuke interrupted

With that I remembered what Sakura and my replacement said about Sasuke when they spoke to me..


-after le kiss-

I was jumping tree to tree pondering nervously as to why Sasuke would kiss me out of no where... He might be playing a prank on me.. But Im not going to say this didn't affect me..

Im not starting to get feelings for him.. Am I? No! No. I can't think of that.. Not after what Im about to do.. I cant think that way.. I'll just keep this to myself, no one needs to know.

-End of flashback-

Sasuke POV

"We're going to bring you back to the village Naruto. Come with us or we'll have to use force" stated Kakashi as he walked out from behind the tree.

"Hah? Do you really think I'm going to go back to that hell hole..." Naruto scoffed. "Everyone hates me.. I'll never go back... I'm a monster anyway." he spoke in a hushed voice obviously wanting us to hear.

I couldn't stand hearing him say that it made me feel like I was shot through the heart, and not by a cupid but a demon. I spoke up to the blond headed boy I look up to and love..

"You have to come back. Just like Sakura said we miss you! If anyone messes with you, we have your back! We'll always be there for you."

I stared at Naruto as I told him that and I saw him make a pained expression, which made me think he did want to come back with us.

Naruto POV

I don't deserve this kindness from them..

Im hopeless

I left them

Im hopeless

Don't they know Ill hurt them if I get to close

Im hopeless

I need them to go away

Im hopeless


I need to go away...


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2. Sasuke and Naruto are rivals in Hidden High. They fought over everything from sports to grades to girls. They would do anything to win. One day Naruto is forced to crossdress, for a friend who needs a helping hand at a maid cafe. What Naruto doesn't know, is that Sasuke would be there the day he works.

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