An unexpected moment.

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Naruto POV

I woke up hearing my alarm clock screaming at me. Without hesitation I punched it. "Great" I said. "Now I have to buy a new one"

I got up from my bed and slowly walked to the restroom to brighten up. While walking in there I saw some of my dry blood on the sink. I stared at for a few minutes, then I heard a knock. "Naruto! Wake your lazy ass up, we have a mission today" I recognized that voice, it was Sakura Chan.

I was slightly happy she came to pick me up. I walked over to the door, if I didn't hurry  she would probably break down the door.
I opened the door to find clingy Sakura holding onto Sasuke, my rival, my teamate. When I saw them I think I might have twitched, hopefully they couldn t tell.

I've always kept my attitude positive, I always yelled 'believe it!' and 'Im Uzumaki Naruto the next Hokage' but I only kept that attitude when I was with my 'freinds' I knew inside that they hated me. The only reason Sakura came was because she doesn't like being late. And Sasuke only came because he was dragged.

I stared at Sasuke for about a minute and all he did was give me a face of annoyance and confusion. I sighed "Guys just come in, I need to get ready, dont want you waiting for to long." Sakura refused to go in. I was a bit hurt.

Sasuke didn't seem to care so he just walked in. This surprised me. Sakura just walked in right after him. I closed the door and heard someone enter the bathroom. I looked over and saw that Sakura was sitting formally by the table.

"Sakura Chan did Sasuke just go in the restroom?"

"No he didn't, thats why Im sitting here and Sasukes not."

Then I said "Sorry" and planted a goofy face on myself. Hiding the sadness deep within me.

Sasuke came out of the restroom and looked at me. He brought up his hand and motioned me to get closer to him. Didnt feel like arguing, so I walked over to him. When I was in the restroom with him he shut the door behind me.

"What the hell Sasuke?!" I yelled

"Hey what's going on??" I heard from the other side of the door.

Sasuke didn't respond and I didn't either since I had no clue what was happening. Sasuke'a hand slowly moved and pointed to the dry blood stain on the sink.
My eyes widened, while thinking of an excuse. My first thought came flying out.

"I cut myself while cooking my ramen." I mumbled

Sasuke didn't look convinced. He spoke out and said "How do you cut yourself while making Ramen, dobe." "Let me see your hands." he commanded. I didn't move. Thats when he grabes my arm gently and rolls up my sleeve. He stood there silently when he looked at my hand. I looked up and saw no emotion on his face.

"See... No one even cares" he thought to himself. He then was pulled out of his mind. With a soft "Why?" escaping Sasuke's mouth. I looked up at him with eyes of confusion. I thought he didn't care. So why ask. "Sasu--"

I stopped mid word realizing that Sakura was pounding on the door. I looked at the door then back at Sasuke. I turned around, opened the door and walked back to my room without saying a word.

I heard Sakura in the background asking Sasuke what happened.

'He'll probably forget this within a few hours, so might as well not worry about it' I thought.


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