A confession?!

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Before I start, I'd like to tell y'all that I posted another story. I'm trying my best to keep up with both of my stories, I'm sorry if I make you guys wait. Kay lets start!

I didn't know what to do. I just received a confession. And I liked the person back, a lot. We had just helped each other come. And I'm still surprised I had done something so perverted. But then he tells me he likes me right after. What do I say?! I start panicking.

"Dont you dare go into a panic attack" Kaino says as emotionless as ever, "it's easy. You like me, so why are you panicking?"

"B-but...." I stammer, having no idea what to say. I think for a moment. "I like you, Kaino" I practically shove the words out of my mouth before I could change my mind. I squeeze my eyes closed and mentally facepalm for being so shy.

"I know"

Gaahhh, geez hear I am confessing, then he has to go and be as blunt as ever!!!

(A/N I have writers block from writing more than five story parts in one night DX bare with me!)

Kaino layed down, pulling me with him. We snuggle, completely ignoring the movie. After a bit a we both fall asleep.

Okay before you can kill me for the short chapter (holds bare blade in between palms, my friend is currently trying to kill me) i thought it would be unfair to post the last chapter then leave you hanging. I have writers block so it was short, but at least I didn't leave you hanging DX

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