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'Kay, guys, lemme tell yah now. I have bad anger issues that come and go. So in this chapter my sweet lil Taiku does freak out. I made his fits like mine. So what he does is kinda like what I do. I randomly get pissed and freak out. And so does Taiku so I'm sorry if you think it's to random.... enjoy!

Its been a couple days since Kaino had gone home, and I was already feeling lonely... how... lonely.... I knew he was only messing with me... he hasn't even once came over, and we're neighbors!

My mom and the twins were watching movies in her room. I wanted mom to come out and hug me. Damn I annoy myself so much. I growl as my fist hits the wall. Thud, thud, thud.

My mom and the twins creeped out of the room to watch me silently, knowing that my mood would pass. I let out a few pants and nearly calmed down, but the anger was still in my system.

There was knocking at the door. My mom rushed over and pulls it open a crack.

"Ms. And Mr. Toko! Hello! Oh kaino's here to, huh? Heh heh heh....." my mom smiles but she was obviously nervous. She scratches the back of her head and keeps the door open a small crack.

"We heard some loud noises, is every thing okay?" Ms. Toko tries to peer into the house, but my mom blocks her view.

"Ahahaha, i knocked down a few things...." my mom lies.

Now she's even lying for me.... I let out a low groan that swiftly turned into a growl. I slam my fist into the wall a couple more times. I let out a couple angry noises.

"Ms. Rayne, who is in your house?" Ms. Toko says worryingly.

"I... it's Taiku....." she sighs.

"Shit, Shit, shit!" I growl louder each time.

The twins run up to the door, looking too serious for their age, "don't worry, Taiku's super cool, he will be good soon!" Tasha grins up at the neighbors.

"Yeah, he's just a little upset that's all!" Roku assures them.

I felt terrible listening to them reassuring the neighbors like this. It made me hate myself even more. I reminded myself of dad... I shudder. I feel fear remember how dad would beat me. I feel my anger slip and I start sobbing. I'm acting like a chic on her period....

Tasha and Roku run up and hug me, "all better?" They ask at the same time. I only manage a weak nod.

"Do you want to come in?" As soon as mom offers to let them in I run and hide behind the kitchen counter. The Toko's walk in quietly.

"Oh...!" Ms. Toko gasps as she see the blood from my knuckles on the wall. Tasha glares at her and reaches up on her tip toes, trying to cover the spot.

"Taiku, don't hide from our neighbors, their worried about you...." my mom starts coming into the kitchen, the Toko's following.

"No, go away!" I panic, making a run for the door, but my mom grabs me in a hug.

"Taiku...." she squeezes me, her softness making me cry all over again. I turn around and hug her back, standing just as tall as her five foot four body frame.

Ms. Toko comes up and pats me on the back, I feel so stupid, why did they have to see my like this? I open my eyes see Kaino staring at me, I look down.

"Taiku, wanna spend the night again?" He offers, "it might be good for you".

"Yes! Come spend the night!" Ms. Toko says.

"Your welcome anytime..." Mr. Toko smiles.


Okay sucky story, I'm sorry DX. But it's what happens to me and Taiku is me. But a guy, and before I started writing this story, I wanted a wimpy kid who could get pissed in a second like I do! Please forgive me. P.s. I always cry after I freak out XD

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