Weren't we watching a movie?

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There will be lemon..... I didn't want to say this cuz I didn't want to spoil, but it'd be a shock to those who don't like it so I had to put a warning DX and I wanted to surprise all of you!!!!

After a bunch 'i don't cares' from Kaino I got frustrated and just put on 'Divergent' I watched it once before, but I was kinda busy that day. I had been doing my home school home work. I always did all my school work in the morning on Mondays and Wednesdays, then took the rest for the time off.

"Why are you sitting so far away?" Kaino asks as I sit in the corner of the couch. I glare at him for a second before looking back at the T.V.

"Because I actually wanna watch the movie" I hiss between my teeth.

"You can watch it from my lap" Kaino says. I swear I'm gonna make a nickname for him and his bluntness!

"Yeah, I could do that. But I wanna sit here!" I always preferred the corner of the couch.

"Okay, the I'll come to you. But next time your gonna come to me" Kaino scoots over to me and puts an arm around me.

Next time?! Me go to him?! Next time?!!?!?

I just ignored his actions and continued watching the movie. Kaino wasn't to please with my actions though. After about five minutes if just sitting there, he slid his hand up my thigh and under my shirt.

"I'm trying to watch a movie....." I say as nonchalantly as possible.

Kaino leans toward my ear, my turn on spot, "then watch the movie" he whispers in it. I shiver and internally slap myself for it. I sit stiffly, feeling his hands rome over my flat stomach and sides.

"Eeep!" I yelp as he suddenly rubs my nipple.

"Sensitive?" He pinches it lightly, I gasp and feel my face grow hot.

Kaino grabs the hem of my shirt and pulls it over my head, but keeps it around my shoulders. O-oh god....

I flinch and whimper when I feel his tongue sliding up my stomach to my chest. He swirls around my nipple before suddenly nipping at my neck.

"K-Kaino..." I complain. What the hell?! Why do I want this?! Inside my head I'm kicking my ass for allowing this to happen. But it just felt so right.... augh now I sound like some chick in a forbidden romance!!!!

I was so caught up in my agitated thoughts I failed to notice a hand reaching for my pants.... until it was to late.

"W-Woah!" I yelp when I feel something wrap around my member. It, against my will, was already turned on from the nipple teasing.

(XD God that sounds so weird, A/N I have a hard time writing words like cock, dick and penis, so in sorry DX)

"Your already so hard, how lame" he says with his usual bluntness, "but it's cute".

"Nng... mmnn" I groan and rest my forehead on his shoulder as he strokes my length. After a bit he picks up the pace, causing me to buck my hips into his hand.

"A bit excited, huh?" Kaino's voice was the same as always but he sounded a little out of breath.

"Sh-shut up!" I gasp.

"How rude, and I here I was playing nice" Kaino says as blankly as ever. He tightens his grip on my cock, it didn't hurt. It actually made me come. "That was quick, have you never jerked off?"

I blush, feeling flustered.

"Well it's my turn" he says grabbing my hand and unzipping his pants.

"N-now wait a minute...." I say, panicked. I pulled my hand back, well tried to any way, but Kaino held onto it.

"Why do you think you'd be the only one to get something out of this?" He said frowning. I could hear the irritation in his voice. I look at him and see that his eyes were narrowed slightly. S-so cute... He looks like a pouting child who didn't get what he wanted..... wait what am I thinking!? I know I like him, but I never expected him to come onto me like this!

Without saying anything, I grab his dick and start pumping it. I was so confused. Did he actually like me? Or is he doing it for the pleasure... it was irritating me... and it irritated me even more when I realized I started thinking like a girl.

Kaino grunts and puts his hands on the back of the couch, causing me to duck under his chest. I started stroking faster until I felt him shudder, and he came. I sat frozen as I felt some land on my cheek. I didn't necessarily think it was gross. But I didn't think it was is was so great either.

Kaino sighs and slides down to sit on the ground between my legs. He rests his head on my knees for a moment before looking up at me. He instantly saw the cum on my face. He reaches out and rubs it off with a finger.

"Lick it" he demands.


He puts the cum coated finger to my lips, "lick it" I frown and, hesitantly, put his finger in my mouth. It didn't taste bad... but I didn't like it either.

Kaino zips up both our pants and pull my shirt over my head. He sits down and pulls me onto his lap. He rests his head in my shoulder.

"Taiku, I like you".

W-what now?!

Gasp. A confession after jerking off on a couch?! How romantic Kaino!!!
*Kaino* you made me do it.....
*me* w-what? I could never think of something so beautiful (blushes)
*Kaino* your weird....
*me* I know....

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