Thunder and Plunder

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I blink and try to sit up, but find it a bit difficult. I look over and see the snoring face of Kaino. I barely manage to hold back a surprised yelp.

I push his arms off of me, I peek to see if I had awoken him. Nope. He's one heavy sleeper.... That was decent for a first time sleepover.

"I-I actually slept.." I mutter, I even have a hard time sleeping in my own bed... How stupid...

I pull my knees to my chest and set my chin on them. I look over at Kaino and frown. I lick my finger and brush kaino's hair from his ear. I stuck my wet finger in his ear.

I have always wanted to do this... the twins were so quick, they would run away before I had the chance to get my finger in their ear.

"The hell?" Kaino groggily reaches up and my arm. He opens one eye slowly before looking at me. He pulls me down to him. What?! I stiffen as I felt his breath on my cheek.

"G-gyaah?!" I squeal as I feel his tongue slip into my ear. I try to jerk away but he holds me in place. I felt like crying.... so gross.

"Thats how you give a wet willy" he says combing his fingers through his hair. I hold my molested ear and stare wide eyed at him. He looks at me and shrugs, "what goes around, comes around".

"Your weird....." I say in a shocked voice. What do I talk about? I've never really had a friend! I start to feel nervous, so I chew on my nails.

"Stop that" Kaino narrows his eyes and frowns. He grabs my arm and pulls my fingers away from my mouth. "Anyways... let's go eat" Kaino stretches and yawns. I giggle when I see his hair in a tangled mess behind his back.

He raises his eyebrows at me, "what's up?"

"Your hair..." I stand behind him, nearly having to stand on my tip toes. I start plucking at his hair, separating the tangled pieces.

"What are you my grandma?" He looks at me with a semi-amused look.

....... now at Taiku's house....

"Come on in Kaino!" My mom says, obviously excited. However, I could not share her feelings. Because it was supposed to thunder storm...

I flinch as I notice the rain coming down.

"Come on, Taiku, show some excitement, Kaino gets to spend the night!" My mom squeals. I have no idea how it happened, but it went from me spending the night there to him spending the night here.

I look at her, giving her the best agitated look I could muster. But, just my luck, BOOM.

"Kyaaah!" I jump on my mom, toppling us both over. The twins break into hysterical fits of laughter,where as Kaino raises an eyebrow and looks at me like I'm crazy. Which I pretty much am.

I squeeze my eyes even tighter as more thunder crashes loudly.

"Your such a baby....." I feel Kaino stroking my hair, "your like a dog..."


"Still here..." my mom wheezes. I feel bad but don't move, "Kaino, you take him!"

I feel arms wrap around me and I turn and hug the person back. My fear of people didn't even compare to my fear for heights and thunder storms. They are so to the point where I feel like I'd die when I'm up high or alone during a storm.

I rub my face on Kaino's chest. I let out a yelp as thunder shakes the house. I jump further into his arms and squeeze him tighter.

"Look at big brother, he's such a big baby!" Tasha sneers, and Roku, practically her side kick, agrees.

"Go to-" my mom starts.

BOOM! The lights flicker out and the ceiling fan stops. I feel like crying.....

The twins yelp and hug mom, as everything goes black, you couldn't see a thing. At all.

"God no, god no, god no...." I whisper over and over. I think of things that could distract me. I was to busy thinking panicked thoughts to notice fingers slipping under my chin. My head was tilted back. What is he doing?! I was kinda irritated.

My eyes snap open, but it didn't make much of a difference, I couldn't see kaino's face. As he was kissing me....

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