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I played with my fingers as Mr. Toko, Kaino, and I sat at their table. I had come to spend the night. Again. My mom thought that it would be good for me and help me calm down.

"So how hungry do you think you are?" Mrs. Toko asks me, coming out of the kitchen. I look up at her and think for a second.

"I'm not very hungry..." I say slowly, thinking over my answer. I wasn't sure if I was even hungry or not. My whole body was still kinda numb after my freak out.

"Okay so, one piece of chicken sound good?"

My head snaps up, "chicken?"

"Oh, do you like chicken in the fryer?" She giggles softly at my overjoyed expression. At my house, my mom struggled to make such good meals, from lack of money or lack of time.

"Its my favorite!" I squeak excitedly. "I want three pieces!"

"Well you certainly get happy quick when it comes to chicken!" Mr. Toko laughs.

Kaino stands suddenly and comes back with bandages. Eh? He reaches under the table and grabs my hand.

"I-its fine..." I mutter. He glares up at me, I shut up. If looks could kill, I'd probably be dead. What's got him so upset? I think crossly.

He starts wrapping the bandage around my knuckles, carefully. My hand starts tingling. Stop that hand! Stop having feelings of your own, stupid hand! I have been aware of how I feel towards Kaino ever since he calmed me down the first day. Before I had met him I never really felt this way to anyone. I didn't like girls, I didn't like guys. But I do like Kaino, and I know it.

He sets my hand down on the table, satisfied with his bandage work. I pull my hand towards myself and look up at Kaino from under my fluffy light brown/blonde bangs. He stairs back. I look away before my face had the chance to heat up.

"Here you go, sweetie!" Mrs. Toko sets the plate down in front of me. I instantly grab a piece, it was a little bit hot but that didn't stop me. I bit into it and let out a moan.

"Its been so long!" I exclaim around the food. Mrs and Mr. Toko laugh.

After we had eaten, Kaino led me upstairs.

"So... what do you wanna do?" I ask while sitting on his bed. He sits down by me.

"Lets cuddle."

H-he's so blunt! I think in exasperation.

I reply by simply laying down and looking up at him, blushing slightly. He took it as approval and lays down by me. We face each other for a few seconds before he pulls me to him.

I was starting to relax. Until I felt a hand slide up back, under my shirt.

"Kaino....." I say both alarmed and as a warning.

"Just feeling.... for now....." he pulls me back into him. I sigh and rest my forehead against his chest.

"I want to kiss you, Taiku" he says.

Why is he so blunt?!

I blush and look up at him. He grabs my chin and presses his lips to mine. My eyes widen and I freeze.

"Open your mouth, puppy"

How does he say that so casually while harassing me?!

He leans in and I close my eyes. My lips part and his lips brush mine before his tongue slips out. It ran across my lips before sliding into my mouth.

I let a small squeak as he rubs one of my nipples.

"I-I didn't say you could molest me!" I protest loudly, but quiet enough so that his parents wouldn't hear. He simply slips his hand from my shirt and tangles it in my fluffy hair.

"I'll let you go this time, but don't expect me to hold back forever"

I shiver and he kisses me deeply before pulling me to him and wrapping a leg around me.

"Your lucky I didn't get a hard on"

So blunt!

I hope that made up for the sucky chapter before this one! I was gonna write this tomorrow, but my friend kept texting me till I couldnt take anymore DX
At least you get to enjoy it earlier!
I'm going to sleep now XD

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