In the dark

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I froze as lips pressed to mine. I wished I could see Kaino's face, I wondered what kind of expression he had on. I flinch when I feel a wet hot tongue brush my bottom lip.

I was reluctant, but it actually helped me. It was a distraction to the fact that I was in the dark, that I was scared of storms. But one thing that stayed on my mind that wasn't his lips, was the fact that my mom and twins were in the same room. Making me hesitant to give into the kiss.

Wait. What the hell? Do I really want this?!

"Taiku, are you ok?" My mom's voice was worried. I push away from Kaino. Even in the dark I knew that he knew, I was as red as a tomato.

"I-I don't like this..." I whimper.

"I know, honey... But the power should be back on soon..." she hands Kaino a lighter, from where she got it I had no idea. "Bring him upstairs, will you?" She says, referring to me.

"On it" Kaino says, lifting me. I was just relaxing when another round of thunder went off. I practically choked Kaino as I wrapped my arms around his neck.

"I hate loud noises...." I whimper. "Eep!" I feel some thing wet touch my neck. K-Kaino licked me?! "Kaino?!"

"Chill, I'm only distracting you, right?" He lays me on the bed and using the lighter handed to him by my mom, lights the scented candle I kept on my nightstand.

I instantly burrow into my blankets. I feel the bed dip as Kaino lays by me. I roll over and lean into him. As I roll over the blankets rolled with me, causing me to look like a roll. Kaino wraps an arm around me, but I hardly felt it through the blanket. And as scared as I was, I needed to feel someone.

I slide out of the blanket and press myself into Kaino quickly pulling the blanket over us as more thunder goes off. I press harder into Kaino, earning a grunt.

"Chill, short stuff, and stop grinding into my balls, your turning me on.

"A-ah sorry!" I blush furiously, I thought I was feeling something hard...

"Damn too late, it's hard..."

"Wh-what?!" I squeal, forgetting the storm.

"Want me to do it here, or you gonna show me the bathroom?" Kaino asks. I instantly felt afraid to get out of the bed at mention of the bathroom.

"D-do it here!" I exclaim. Kaino sighs and turns away. I hear grunting and panting. I feel shuddering and shivering. My face feels hot and I know it's probably redder than the blood in my veins.

What the heck.........? I felt a weird twitch between my legs. Oh no, god you are not doing this to me! I panic and wail inside my head.

This is gonna be a long night......

I love how Kaino spent even hesitate to jerk off in Taiku's presence XD. I felt that it was the right time to have them kiss so yeah, it happened. I also want to have the mom get a boyfriend maybe..? Let me know what you think on that.....
I shall return... Bye...

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