Hello neighbors

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"Gyaaaa!" Roku gave a year splitting scream as Tasha took his dinosaur toy from him. "Noooo! Give Riney back!" He screeches as he chases his twin.

"Urrgh..." I rub my temples as I lean over the table, trying to focus on my homework. I glared at the question and re-read it about fifteen times in my head, but it still refused to make sense to me.

"Taiku, Taiku! Tell her to give it baaaack!" Roku screams as he jerks my arm back and forth. He pulls on it, leaning back until he was at a 120 degree angle.

"Why don't you try saying please!" I hissed at him, causing the nine year old to grow angrier.

There was a slam as the door was thrown open and my mom rushed in. She was huffing and sweating. She threw the groceries on the table and rushed over to the fridge.

"Taiku help me put the groceries away!" She pleaded. She looked over at me and I could see the stress swimming in her eyes and the tiredness in her expression. I felt bad for my mom.

"Of course mom!" I rush over ignoring the bickering of the twins and start sorting things into place in the fridge. There wasn't much though, it would probably last us till the end of the week. At most.

"Oh. There's a new family next door. They have a seventeen year old son, just two more years older than you!" My mom said excited. She was always worrying about whether I had any friends or not. I never really had friends. I was quiet but the smallest things could pissed me off beyond belief. And I didn't go to school...

"Oh really?" I faked interest in the matter. Neighbors never lasted here, the building was not in the best shape. Not to mention all the neighbors could hear the twins fighting

"They actually invited us over for dinner..." She looked at me, nervous.

"Do I have to go?" I ask quietly.

"Please... I already said you'd come.." She looks at me hopefully.



"Ah hello!" My mom waves as a woman opens the door. She was actually the right age for a mother. My mom was a bit young to be the mother of a fifteen year old. "Hope you don't mind that we're a bit early.." my mom smiles apologetically.

"No, no don't worry" the woman says grinning. "Please do come in" she steps aside and closes the door after us as we enter their apartment.

"Kaino, come over here and greet the boy!" The man grabs my shoulder, I tense but just give a false smile.

"Stop touching him your scaring him" a tall boy walks out he had longish black hair and dark eyes. He looks at me and I try to keep a friendly face on even though I could feel myself crumbling from being in the presence of strangers. My mom noticed my anxiety and rushed over, leaving the twins to take off their shoes.

She grasps my shoulders, "breathe honey, I'm here okay?" She whispers in my ear. I take a deep breath and nod. I could feel my fingers trembling.

"Oh boy, is he okay?" Mrs. Toko asks.

"He has some..... issues with trusting others. He doesn't like new people all that well..." She says as I turn and step behind her, small enough to fit behind her back. "Hes home schooled because of this".

"Mom..." I groan.

"Stop being such a chicken big brother!" Tasha puts her hands on her hips.

"Yeah!" Roku runs up and grabs my leg.

"But I want to be a chicken..." I whimper.

"I like chicken!"


Roku leans in and bites my leg hard.

"G-gyaa!" I yelp and grab Roku's shoulders. He cackles like a mad witch and runs further into the neighbors house. "R-Roku! Owww...."

"Roku get back here!" My mom panics.

"He's fine, he's fine" Mrs. Tokyo waves her hand in dismissal.

"I'm not..." I complain.

I suddenly realized this had happened in front of strangers.

I felt my chest tighten and my breathing speed up. Anxiety clawed up my chest into my throat. I closed my eyes for a few moments. Damnit I just want to get this over with. I'm so stupid, I really just need to calm down.....

Unconsciously I began panting slightly. I could feel the panic attack coming. Everybody was talking so nobody notices. But Kaino.

"Hey" he whispers and puts his hand on my cheek. "You okay?" I open my eyes and look into his deep blue eyes. He was so close.

I felt myself relax and my breathing calmed. I was startled at how fast I had calmed down, not even my mom could calm me down that fast. His hand fell from face to my shoulder, he gripped it lightly.

"You good now?"

"Yeah.." I nod and look at my mom who was gaping at me. She started whispering to Mrs. Toko. Mrs Toko clapped and rushed at us.

"Mrs. Rayne just shared a wonderful idea! Taiku you should spend the night!"


And done. So I know a lot of people never actually leave suggestions (XD) to those few who do, please tell me how you fast it should happen. Should I have them kiss this next chapter or no? I have no idea, this is only my second time writing and posting a story. I started one a while ago but have no motivation to finish it lol.
Bye friends, may the force be with you
(May the odds be ever in your favor) XD

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