Auntie needs to go home

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My friend has been bothering me to write more than one chapter at a time. Although it's gonna kill my brain, I'm gonna take on the challenge.
This is for you, the pain in the butt I can't get rid of, awesomeface26537....... leave me alone and let me sleep now please DX

"Have you guys done anything yet?" Nina asks as she leans over the back of the couch, looking down at me. As soon as I got back from shopping she had made me come home. She started interrogating me like I was some serial killer suspect.

"What do you mean, auntie?" Roku asks, coming up and sitting on my lap. He looked up at me and tilted his head to the side. So cute....

"Yeah, leave Tai alone!" Tasha pouts, sitting on my other leg.

"You guys are so a cyuuuute!" Nina squeals leaning over and pinching their cheeks, "I just wanna gobble you up" I groan as she once again starts acting like an older lady.

"Oh, what's the matter want me to pinch your cheeks too?" She coos brushing her fingers against my cheek. I barf in my mind, but keep and annoyed pout on my face. Grandma would be mad if I upset her too much.

"No, I want you to go home....." I whine. Right now I just wanted to watch a movie with the twins.

Tasha starts playing with my hair while Roku grabbed my hand and played with my fingers. He made it so that just my middle finger was up. He laughs quietly and nudges Tasha. She looks down and they both scream in laughter.

"Wow guys...." I roll my eyes but can't help laughing myself.

"Nina, come on, I'm gonna take you home" my mom says coming out of the kitchen. She was always busy making things to feed the twins and their empty pits aslo known as stomachs.

"Bring us, we wanna see grandma!" Tasha grabs moms shirt in excitement. Roku, who can never make a decision on his own, follows in suit.

My mom sighs then faces me, "you coming to?"

"Nah, I think I'm gonna watch Netflix, maybe invite Kaino over for a bit..." I nervously play with my fingers. I've never actually invited a person to my house. And then we'd be alone.....

"Thats fine, then we'll be back in a bit" my mom waves.

I stare at the Toko's door. So.... I just knock...? I hesitantly reach out to the door. I exhale than smacked my knuckles against the door a few times.

Kaino opens the door and looks down at me. "And here I was wondering how long you were gonna last without seeing me" he looks back at a clock, "not even two hours, huh?" He says blunt as ever.

H-how self confident can one be?! I glare at him, my face turning red in anger and embarrassment.

"N-never mind!" I snap and turn away. I was stopped by a hand grabbing my wrist.

"Hey....." I look back at him and see him frowning a bit, "I was just joking"

I sigh feeling flustered and I grip the hem if my shirt in both hands.

"D-do you wanna come over!" I say so fast I was worried he wouldn't be able to understand.

"We're you missing me?" He asks. But with the way he put it, it sounded more like a statement than a question. I merely blush and look down.

"D-dont flatter yourself." I mutter.

"I'll take that as a yes" Kaino says before putting his shoes on.

I sigh and start walking back to my apartment, knowing that Kaino was following me.

Okay since I'm writing more that one chapter in a row, I'm gonna end this one here. It's nearly midnight now buuut I'm posting more. Thanks for staying with me. I think I'm gonna be starting another story soon, so if you wanna read that one to, y'better start following me XD

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