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"Taiku, we're gonna go shopping, wanna come?" Mrs. Toko asks as she was cooking breakfast. I looked up at her, I can't explain the feeling I got when ever she was so kind to me. It was like-

"Auntie!" I heard Roku yell through the walls. Our apartment was right next to the Toko's apartment, so we could hear him easily. I stand up abruptly. Aunt Nina?

"Aahhh! You guys are so damn cute! Where's my Taiku babyyyy!" A squeal belong to that of my aunt was heard. I shiver.

"Pleease hiiide meeee" I groan and latch onto Mrs Toko. She was startled at my sudden clingyness, but she laughs.

"Go tolled your mom that we wanted to bring you shopping, your aunt can't argue with that.

Omg, I love this lady! Most people would be like 'you should be nicer to your aunt'. But she was offering me a way of escape.

I start heading for the door when someone knocks. I open it hesitantly. I peek around and see my mom and the twins. And my aunt.

"Taikuuuuu!" I try to shut the door. But being the crazy lady she was, she threw it open and jumped on me. My aunt was my age believe it or not. My grandma gave birth to her a year after I was born. My grandma was fifty at that time. I thought it was gross, giving birth at such an age.

And since she was my aunt, instead of acting like a friend of mine. She acted like a possessive older lady.

"Your mom came and got me this morning! I was SO excited when I got the chance to see you agaaaain!" She pinches my cheek.

I look at my mom with a look that said 'what have you done!?' And 'you traitor!' At the same time. My mom only grins with a look that said 'oh you poor baby' in a sarcastic way. I forgot how evil my mother could be at times.

I was about to stand up when my shoulder was grabbed and I was pulled up. I look behind me and see Kaino. His expression as blank as ever.

"Ohmygawd! Taiku don't tell me this is your boyfriieend!" She, for some reason, always thought I would end up being gay.

"Hes so hot! I always knew you'd get a hottie, Taiku!" I started at her blankly. She was panting when she was done, her face flushed, eyes wide in excitement.

"Done yet?" I ask her slightly annoyed. But I was still grabbing the hem of my shirt nervously. Nina wraps her arms around my neck.

"Don't tell me my Taiku has fallen for hiiim?" She whimpers quietly in my ear, only loud enough for me to hear. I blush furiously. Not because of what she said, but because my ears were such a turn on.

"Aren't you lively?" Kaino says. I look back startled at his tone. His eyes were narrowed slightly and there was a small frown tugging at his lips.

"Oh my, getting jealous are we?" Nina taunts, putting a hand to her mouth.

"Auntie your being so rude!" Tasha yells and spanks her. (XD).

"Yes I agree" Mrs Toko says darkly, with cold eyes.

Whoa! She looks pissed!

"Shall we go shopping now, Taiku?" Mr Toko smiles at me.

"Uhhh.... suure...?"

At the store Mrs and Mr Toko walked ahead of us. Their heads leaning close, obviously whispering to one another.

What's going on?

"You want anything?" Kaino asks, not looking down at me.

"Hmmm.... nah I'm fine" I didn't like going to stores, it was to busy and I was getting nervous. I could feel my chest tightening. I reach out and latch onto kaino's arm. He looks down at me before stopping. He leans forward and presses lips to mine.

What?!?!? We're in public!!!!

He pulls away and I punch him lightly on the chest.

"What was that?!" I yell mildly.

"You were the one grabbing at me" he says bluntly.

I look up and see that Mrs and Mr Toko were watching us. They only grinned and waved at me.

Wh-what the hell!?

I know the relationship is moving slow. But I really can't stand the stories where they makeout and have sex right away. Love doesn't happen at first sight and you surely don't go straight to some strangers place to have sex! Please bare with me, but I like taking my time with the couple's I write about.
I have this one story I'm writing on paper right now, but if you guys want I can start posting it. It's another boyxboy!
Thanks for sticking with me! Bye

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