Chapter 15

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Your POV

"News? What's the big news?" You ask, now curious. Yukio was full out of breath, as if he had ran a long distance. "It's in the lab.. the exorcists.. (y/n) you need to go there..." He let his hands fall onto his knees as he panted. Rin gave a look to his brother and took your hand. "Sounds urgent, let's go quickly." Well, there goes that yummy dinner idea you had in mind. Rin toom your hand and ran out the door with you straight to the academy where Yukio had come from.

"Everything alright?" Rin asked while running side by side with you. All you could do was shrug because you weren't sure what was going on yourself. He huffed and the both of you let your minds wonder.


Once inside the building, you found yourself slowly opening the door to a lab with lots of experiment equipment and computers. There were around 7 exorcists working there and as you walked in their eyes all landed on you, which made you feel uncomfortable. Of course, Rin stepped infront of you and led the way. "What the hell is going on?" He asked, hoping for an answer.

Well he sure got an answer as Mephisto tapped his shoulder and said, "It's a surprise!" Rin grunted and sarcastically said, "Gee, thanks." You tilted your head and crossed your arms. "What's really going on? Why did Yukio run all the way back to us all of a sudden?" The tall purple-haired man smiled. "I've got a gift for you, dear." He spun to one of the many lab tables and picked up a stone. At first glance it looked like a stone he'd pick up from outside, so you gave him a confused look as to why he would give you something so ordinary. He covered it in his hands and somehow made it into a necklace. You didn't question, you knew it'd take forever to get an answer.

"This is for you, beautiful. Take good care of this like it's your light in life, okay?" He told you, placing it over your head onto your neck and patting your hair afterwards. "Uh, yes sir.." You responded, taking the stone in your hand and looking at it closer. It felt strangly right to wear it as you rubbed your thumb on the smooth stone.

Rin's POV

I couldn't take another moment of this. I grabbed Mephisto's cape and dragged him just outside of the room. "What the actual hell are you fooling around for? We thought something has happened!" I said quietly to him, sitting there giving me his smug smirk.

After staring him down, he sighed and looked at me. "Rin, ironic as it sounds, (y/n) and you are very different." Is he really gonna go where I think he's gonna go? "Yeah, we all know I'm different from everyone I know because I happen to be the offspring of a bastard." Mephisto shook his head at me. "Not like that, I'm talking about (y/n) in particular. Rin you promise to keep this between us for now?" I nod. Whatever this is should have (y/n) involved but I keep my mouth shut and listen.

"(y/n) Isn't all human, similar to you. she has a human figure and believes she is, but the truth is-" "Is she a demon like me?" I cut him off, anxious to get to the point. "No; quite the opposite." He replies to me. "She's the reborn offspring of one of the guardian angels- one of the few who were born down on Earth. Goodness knows how she ended up here, must have been fate." I was bewildered. (y/n), the very same person who I had met on the first day of academy school, was an actual angel.

"Mephisto you better not be lying to me or I swear to-" He only laughs. "I say the truth, believe me on that. I suggest if you do tell her to do it when you have lots of time on the both of you because she's going to have questions and because you can relate to her, you're the best way to get the point across. Keep the necklace on her like you keep your sheath on your sword. Who knows, she could have her awakening with you."

What was this clown talking about? I had a strange feeling there was more to know than he was telling me. "Rin, you're demonic powers with her angelic powers could cause quite a spark. Just be careful with your temper around her." I got a sickening feeling. Does this mean that I can't always be with her? I'm starting to get a little anxious. I want to always be by her side but what does she really have in store? "What's up with (y/n)?" I asked again, the last attempt. I look at her from the door way, she's gazing at the stone and admiring it. Strange, she never really studies rocks like that. It's probably special or something. I look back at Mephisto and he gives me his signature smile.

"You'll know when you need to know."


Your POV

You strangely can't take your eyes off of the necklace Mephisto gave you. It was a sky blue and smooth, the outside having a clear look but the inside swirling with very small wisps of blue. It looked almost mystical, and you liked it a lot.

Rin comes in from the door running his hand through his hair. "Well, I guess we should go back and talk about you're life. Seems you're even more special than I thought." He winks at you and you smile. You can see some concern in his eye but otherwise he seems his happy self. "Alright." The two of you take each other's hand and walk out of the school. It's a nice day out, the sun shining and the sky clear. Autumn is near as the trees begin to slightly color. There's a gentle breeze that makes Rin's hair fluff up a bit. Everything seemed totally fine and you wondered why everyone seemed to be in such a worry.

Out of the chirping birds, there was a sudden explosive sound, like someone had set a bomb off so suddenly. The ground shook for a second, causing you to take hold of Rin's arm for balance. "What in the world..?" Rin said, looking to where he believed the sound came from. You tried to stand tall and see as well but you felt dizzy, your vision began to blur and you held your head. "Rin.. I don't feel very well." You quietly said, stomach turning. Rin turned around with his big eyes. "Alright, let's get you home. You probably were shaken and just need to lay down for a while." He picked you up and you wrapped your legs around his torso, arms around his neck. "Thanks." you hummed.

As you neared the dorm, you saw Rin's tail waving around. You played around with the tuff at the end, almost like petting a kitten's head. Rin peeked around for a second, letting you do as you pleased. You let his tail wrap around your hand as if he was holding it in replacement of his hands. He opened the main door and led you straight to your room. He sat you on the bed and looked you in the eye. "Have you noticed anything strange with yourself recently?" He asked, a light but serious tone. You shook your head; everything was pretty normal to you.

Yukio cracked open the door. "Is (y/n) alright? Does she have the amulet on?" You looked down at the pretty stone and nodded. He sighed, smiling. "Alright, you might have to stay inside for awhile. I'll explain more to you once I finish my research. You might have a few more sudden reactions like that until we figure out-" He paused, laughing to himself. "It'll make sense soon. For now, take care." He went up into his own room, you still being confused. Rin smiled anxiously again. "Hey, just a heads up, you might have to uh, ajust to a few things in the next few days. But don't worry, I'll be here with you as long as you want all the way through. Promise." He gave you a swift kiss and got up. "Take a nap, you'll feel much better afterwards. Trust me." He stuck his tongue out and bit it in his smile.

You smile back and watch as he closes the door behind him, really unsure what was gonna happen. Somehow you felt... different. It wasn't bad or good, but strange. It felt right, natural but awkward. Hoping it would all make sense, you fall back onto the bed and close your eyes, feeling better already as Rin said. You began to dream about the sky, the amulet, and yourself. Soaring through a crystal clear sky, you soared freely with not a care to worry about. Looking around, you realized you had soft, white, and large


Angel wings..?

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