Chapter 13

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Your POV

Satan's eyes... watching you?

You shook your head to rid of the thought, but that wasn't something you could easy shake off. Why the hell was he there? Were they the same eyes Rin had acted strangely about? Walking over to Mephisto in complete confusion, you murmured "Garden of happiness, garden of happiness, garden of happiness" continuously.

He looked at you in complete confusion. "What are you doing?" You responded, "I'm trying to remember this garden by repeating it's name multiple times. That way this time, I may be able to remember it better." He looked at you funny. "And why is that?" You smiled and looked down at your heels that you were clicking together. "I promised... I promised I would tell Rin. And Yukio. I can't break my promise for them."

Mephisto chuckled and wiped the rim of his hat with his index finger and thumb. "You are one determined girl, (y/n). You don't need to do that this time. You see, I use a gas that causes memory loss, so you wouldn't remember the garden." As you were about two throw your fist into his face, he continued. "There are people who envy your garden. There's aren't as healthy and beautiful as yours is, spreading with color and new plants mankind doesn't even know about. I trust you to only tell reasonable people. Don't go on NBC news and broadcast your newest flower." "I won't, I won't."

"Now then, shall we be off?" Nodding, he wrapped his hands around your head and began the countdown.





When Mephisto released you, you were in his office in the same place you had first left from. "I have to get to class now, thanks Mephisto. It really means a lot." You say, slightly bowing to show your thanks. "Anytime. Yukio knows bout this so you are fine." Walking out of the door, you head towards room 1-9.

When you opened the door, everyone had a textbook out. 'Great, more book work. Nice Yukio, nice.' Closing the behind you, Shiemi was the first to say hi. Shima 'hello'd not shortly after, followers by Bon and Koneko. Izumo was the last of the group to say it that were... awake.

Yukio noticed that someone had not gone up to you and hugging you. Sighing heavily and even a bit over dramatically, he said "Riiiin..." After a few seconds, he threw a textbook at his head. Rin instantly woke with a "Shit..!" as he fell backwards from his chair. He scrambled to his feet and began screaming, "Yukio, what the actual hell?! Do you know how heavy these are? And you threw it at me!! Oww, that hurt like crap..." Alas he realized your presence.

"(y/n)!!" Rin happily said, blushing already. He ran over to you an picked you up, spinning 2 or 3 times before placing you on the surface again. "Hey sugar," You softly and sweetly said. Rin picked you up and carried you to your seat besides him.

"So, what'd you guys go over so far?" Rin looked at you with a sleepy face. "Do you really think I learned in my sleep? Probably more healing stuff." Rin laid his head down on his folded arms. You ruffled his hair. He was never the school type to you. Sure he was smart, but he NEVER seemed to stay awake in school or do class work or hand in any homework. Heck, you don't even know if he brought it home to begin with.

What you did know was that he was an adorable sleeper. He would silently snore and his mouth would sometimes drool. He just had this innocent face. You couldn't resist but pinch his cheeks. His face woke like T^T and that made you blush because it was so cute!

Yukio constantly kept calling out your names to get your attention either because you were playing with Rin or Rin was sleeping himself. Finally, the final bell rang for the day. "Here (y-n), hop on my back." Rin motioned as he bent over. Without hesitation, you leaped onto his back. Wrapping your arms around his neck, you squeal with delight as he held your legs. "Ok, when we get home I wanna tell you about the garden, Rin!" You said. "Oh a garden is it?" He replied, "That's interesting. But first I wanna take you somewhere." "Ok!"

As Rin climbed through the trees, you and Rin began to sing "Lucky" (Jason Mraz ft. Colvin Caillat) in harmony. You were truly lucky to be in love with your best friend, there aren't many special relationships like that. As the singing dimmed down, you arrived to the top of the trees to an all too familiar bench- the bench that Rin had given you your first kiss on.

Rin let you slide off his back and the two of you sat down. The sky was a beautiful blue with light and fluffy clouds gliding smoothly in the sky. "I love you (y/n)." He said, kissing you on the head. "I love you too." Replying with a hug. Being this close to him reminded you of how you hugged him after the nightmare. Then that stuck a cord. You wanted to ask him about the eyes, and tell him what you saw at the garden.

"Hey, Rin..." You started off hesitantly. "Yeah (y/n)?" You hoped he would tell you everything he knew- if he knew about it. "Remember this morning, like at 1:00 or something, I woke up screaming?" His expression became concerning and a bit anxious. "Yeah, you alright?" You nodded, and continued. "Um, there was something I wanted to ask if you knew anything about." His eyes narrowed even more. There was no turning back on this question. "You seemed to know about the demon eyes that I saw in my dream. Please, Rin, tell me what- or who's those were and why they were there. I won't be mad at you. Please." Rin looked at you, then looked down at his trembling hands.

"I'm sorry (y/n)."

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