Chapter 10

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Your POV

"W-What do you mean 'what's up'? I was just dragged away from my friends through a rainbow by a crazy man!!" You huffed out. "Why did you do that? Better yet, where are we?"


Sighing, Mephisto's smirk dropped into a calmer smile. "What you see in front of you is your memories, (y/n). Every single event that has happened in your life- and your past life." Eyes widening, you turn to him for an explanation. "You see, (y/n), you are a very.. different girl. Although you can only remember from young age, you have lived 2 lives. One, currently as a human, and the other as a.. not human."

Staring out into the garden, you noticed how big it was. Stretching as far as the eye could see were your 'memories' that were long forgotten or just created moments ago. Not having the right words to explain your confusion, you ask, "What did you mean by 'not human'..?". Mephisto chuckles and says softly, "Why don't you find out for yourself?"

He brings you over to a beautiful small cherry red rose with a blue flame-shape in the center. Reaching your hand out gently to touch it, a flash of you and Rin swirl into your mind. Looking past it, a patch of similar flowers and a young tree bloom behind the memory flower. Slowly smiling, you graze your hands past the patch, seeing memories of Rin Okumura flowing around you. Reaching to hug the tree, you close your eyes and see the night Rin took you out to see the gorgeous sunset. Slightly blushing, you watch as the two of your heads close together. 'So maybe the tree represents the roots of our relationship...'

Giggling and dancing around the small life, you twirl around to see a wilting sunflower with what looked like burnt petals slowly crisping and falling to the ground. Furrowing your eyebrows, you slowly reach over to it and you shudder. A bright blue light fills your eye sight. All you can see is a dark figure with long ears and a demonic tail whipping from side to side. Bright blue flicker from it's eyes. Becoming scared as it walks closer and closer to you, you jerk your hand away from the flower as it continues to wilt.

"So that's what bad memories are..." You murmur aloud. Turning around to watch Mephisto steadily admire a butterfly, you hesitently wander over to him.

Getting his attention, something uncomfortable crosses your mind. "Mephisto, can you also see my memories?" Snickering silently, he confirms, "Yes. BUT I can only see a few. Stong and personal ones are unavalible for me to see. Only a dark blur, if not that then nothing."

"How did we get here?" You continuously trample him with questions. "I can get here when ever I am with you, but you, my dear, can come when ever you'd like; believe it or not." Staring dumbfounded, he adds "All you have to do is think of this garden, and a memory you would like to visit. Your spirit will arrive here, but your body shall stay in a sleeping state while you are visiting. To leave, you can create your exit. A door, a hole, even poofing out of thin air."

"You are a very special young woman. Not many people can access this ability, to have a stong enough memory to enter and refresh them once again." He says in a rather impressed tone. "Be sure not to come here too often though. Your spirit can only travel so much." Nodding, you ask one more question.

"Mephisto, when you said I had 2 lives; one human and one not, what was my other?" Laughing softly, he sighs and says,

"My, you were the most beautiful angel I've seen in my life."

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