Chapter 11

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Rin's POV

'My stomach is growling... Great. I could really go for some of (y/n)'s special ramen dishes... That would set things right.'

'It's been an hour. I'm really hungry. it's getting dark. Where is she? What is Mephisto doing to her? When are they coming back? Who else are they with? Why did she just poof? So many questions... Without a single trace of an answer. I guess I should go home in a few. Lemme get Yukio...' "Oi, Yuki-"

* * * POOF * * *

I closed my eyes, coughing a fit, when I opened them once again to be surrounded by a violet mist. Immediantly I saw a white hat and my body filled up with rage. "MEPHISTO!" I screamed, blue flames flickering from my tounge. "WHERE THE HELL HAVE YOU BEEN?!" He walked out of the fading cloud, swinging his umbrella in his right hand and holding (y/n)'s in his left. "No need to worry, Okumura." Mephisto snickered. 'That damn clown..!' I quickly march up to (y/n) and snatch her hand away from his. Leaving my back to him, I study (y/n). She looks like she had just woken up, and her hair was a bit tangled, like somebody was playing with it. Her expression was calm and soft, so it looked like things weren't too crazy. She quietly sneezed, and that seemed to wake her back to her scences. After I blessed her, she murmured "Oh, Rin, you should of seen it..." I looked at her, confused, because Mephisto still hadn't told me where the heck they have been."Where were you?" I decided to ask her one question at a time. "I..." She hesitently mumbled. "I... I don't remember."

Trying not to get aggervated, I sighed and said, "It's alright, take your time. We are going home." I walked towards Mephisto who was giving me a devilish smirk. "Tell me, now, or you can say goodbye to your office- 'cause I'm about to burn it down. Where was (y/n) this whole time? And why doesn't she remember anything?"

He just started laughing and plainly said, "The time will come where everyone will know everything." And with that, he poofed. Again. Ruffling my hair in anger, I screeched "RRG!! WHY CAN'T I GET A SINGLE ANSWER?!!" Calming myself down, I turned around to see (y/n). She was standing politely with her hands folded over one another behind her. She was rocking back and forth on her heels. 'She's so damn cute...' Waving Yukio over, I took her hand and said, "Let's go home, shall we?"

Le Time Skip, Brought To You By Stephano (Brofist to anyone who got that)

Your POV

You sat down at the table. Rin looked super stressed. Yukio was up in his room. Tonight seemed like a disaster, but to you it seemed like you gracefully fell from heaven. 'Heaven...' That reminded you of something, you just couldn't remember. "Ok, *sigh* So do you remember WHAT he told you? About anything?" Rin asked you. "I'm sorry Rin, I don't remember anything." It was true. After you had visited the garden, you never quite remembered what exactly happened of where you were. You had memery of nothing.

Rubbing the back of his head, Rin gave up and said, "Well, I guess torturing you won't do anything. I'm going to catch a few Z's. You should get some sleep too. Text me if you remember anything, or just tell me over some hotcakes tomorrow." You nodded as he walked over to you and kissed your head. "Goodnight, Rin." You said. "G'night."

You head was spinning. 'What the hell happened...?'

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