Chapter 9

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Your POV

You were wandering around the store, holding a bag of bought items. Everytime you saw a new item, you would run up to the cash regisster to purhase it. You were pretty sure that the cashier was getting annoyed at you, because you've done it about 7 times. Yukio was just following you around, seeming like he was staring akwardly at you everytime you passed the bras. It's been about 5 minutes since Rin had left for the bathroom. 'Damn, is he taking a dump or something? I want him here..' You mumbled in your head.

As you thought that, there was a thick cloud of purple smoke that exploded and covered your entire body, making everything around you unvisible. Slightly coughing, you cover your eyes a little and wave your hand to try to wave some of the cloud away. Sqinting your eyes, you look up and they widen as you come face to face with a pair of hazy green eyes. You gasp and stumble backwards, falling on you rear end. Looking for the eyes again, you feel a pair of hands slip under your arms and lift you up on your feet effortlessly. You quickly turn around and see a smirking fanged smile, laughter dancing in his eyes and a large white hat with a string of purple hair brushing ageants your nose. "Wh-Whah..?" You managed to stutter.

"The purple cloud seeming to cover you more, you hear three words that you've heard once before for quick transperation.




Oh n-



Rin's POV

I come running out of the bathroom to see a large cloud of pure purple. The cashier's eyes are about to pop out of his head and I see Yukio on the ground, coughing and waving spoke from his breathing space. "Yukio!" I scream as I run up to him. "What happened?!" He looks at me with only one eye while coughing and manages to say "M-Mr. Pheles, pretty sure of it." Waving my arms around while entering the cloud, I attempt to clear out the smoke and see what had happened.

*30 seconds of cleaing smoke*

No one. I figured. Both of them have poofed off to who knows where. How am I suppost to find either of them now..? They could be right around the corner... or on the other side of the world!!

Your POV

Your eyes are literally spinning in your head and it felt like you had just went head over heels for hours. You feel and hand on your shoulder and you grab onto the arm for support of not falling down. "Nng... Where.. Where am I?" You mumble to the arm. "Why your at my garden, my dear (f/n)." Replied Mephisto. 'Mephisto.' The voice echoed in your head as you regained your memory back. 'Mephisto... Mephisto... Purple... Gone...' "M-MEPHISTO?! WHAT DID YOU DO?" You yell at him in utter shock. He smirks and takes hold of your hand and walks deeper into his 'garden'.

You pass multiple plants and flowers, all seeming to be in full bloom. Because he was walking so fast, it just seemed like a blur. What you saw was like a dewdrop with blue, red, pink, green, purple, yellow, orange, and maroon sparkling in the sunlight. After a good few moments of being dragged, the pace begins to slow down. You look up at Mephisto who seems to have been smirking this whole time. He comes to a stop, with what seems to appear as a light brown faded wooden bench with all types of growth around it. You had to admit, it was very pretty, you were just frowning because of confusion.

"Here, please sit." He calls out, not giving you a chance to respond. He tugged your hand and you fell right next to him, almost on top. He brushes your hair away from your bright (e/c) eyes. "So tell me, my sweet (y/n), what's up?"

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