Chapter 8

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This chapter is deticated to Nagasa_ for inspiring me and encouraging me to write this

Your POV

It was around 11 when you left the house. You were now sitting in the back seat of a car with Yukio next to you and Rin in front of you. Your on your way to the mall rather than the one store you were planning to go to.

~Flashback- 2 Hours Earlier~

Your POV

"Oh, Rin, that would be wonderful!" Rin had just invited you to go shopping with him to your one and all time favorite (clothing store). You could tell that the two brothers were becoming tense with each other this morning, even though it was only breakfeast.

"I'd also like to come" Yukio interups. Rin hesitates to answer, then asks,"Why do you need to come with" He makes these two words clearly, "me and (y/n) to (clothing store)?" Yukio pushes up his glasses so I could only see a white glare. "I also have buisness there, don't worry about it." Rin pouts for a moment, and you throw in, "Ok, so now that everyone's going, why don't we all get ready? I'll clean up the dishes while you guys go and-" "I'll clense the dishes for you, (y/n)" Rin says politely. You smile and nod of approvement as he takes your plate and puts it ontop of his own. Yukio and yourself walk over to your rooms and get dressed.

~End of Flashback~

Your POV

It was pretty quiet in the car. You were on the left side with the middle spot next to you. Soft music was playing from the speakers next to your head above the door that surrounded the car. Because you were growing bored, you were going to doze off. No one else was paying a lot of attention to you, although each brother would glance at you every 5 minutes. Everything was calm, so you slowly becan to close your eyes. All of a sudden you hear a loud screech and Rin gasps and tries to make a sharp left turn. The car nearly tips over a bit and Yukio looses his grip on his seat and falls over onto you. You flip around to see a white car that had intersected with a blue car. Looked like no one was hurt, but the car damage was pretty serious.

Rin catches his breath and fixes his review mirror, angling it towards me. "Ua... Is everyone ok..?" "Yeah, we're fine." You reply for Yukio and yourself. Yukio grabs his head, still leaning on your side and groans. You smile and tap his nose. He opens his eyes and sees himself leaning onto you and quickly fixes his position of sitting up, his face blushing wildly due to where he fell. You feel your cheecks warm a little, trying to contain an akward laughter.

Another akward and shaken up 10 minutes passed until you reached the mall. It was a lot larger than you had expected, although it was your first time here. Rin drove around for a bit until he parked right in front of your store. The three of you exited the car and Rin offered his hand out to you. You accepted his offer and he took hold of your right hand. Yukio sped his pace up and took hold of your left hand. You turned to him and both smiled slightly amd innocently.

As you enter the mall, it wasn't nearly as busy as you thought it would be. There were 4 fountains with 3 layers of water leaking from one row to the next. In the middle of the fountain cube there was a palm tree with small pink fruits growing from it. Underneath the tree were benches, looking like a maximum of 7 people could sit on. each. Rin tugged at your hand gently motioning you the direction of the store. You follow his lead and carried Yukio along.

As you entered the store, your jaw dropped in amazement. This was twice, no, thrice the size of your average shop. You stare, dumbfounded at how many isles there were. Rin and Yukio were pointing at the mannequins arguing over which one was cuter on you. Your widened jaw curved into a smile as you grabbed Rin and Yukio's hand and zoomed down the store, trying to take in as much awesomeness as you could. Your inner-female was really coming out. Not realizing that you were practically squealing over a shelf, Rin dissapeared. Once you noticed, you asked Yukio, "Where'd Rin go?" "To the bathroom." He replied softly.

Rin's POV

As Yukio and I watched (y/n) fall in love with the store, I realized I had to go to the bathroom. "Hey, Yukio, I'm gonna run to the bathroom. I'll be right back. Keep an eye on her will ya?" I whispered to my brother. He replied with a nod of his head, not removing them once off of (y/n). I shrugged and ran off to find the men's bathroom. Noticing it was surprisingly close, I memorized the was I came and swung the door open.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Time skip because... um... yeah...
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

BlueDreamCatcher's POV

I know everyboody hates time skips but my writing is somewhat descriptive and that would be weird if I cut it off as bland now ((((;゚Д゚)) (btw the next part is for Nagasa_ )

Rin's POV

I was washing my hands with the yummy smelling cherry almond soap when I looked beside me and saw no other that the ironic-dressed Mephisto Pheles. "M-Mr. Pheles! What on earth at you doing at (y/n's fav store)?!" I managed to stutter. "Rin Okumura, what a surprise to see you here too! Why, I was just looking for something, you see. And it seems that every store has none left in stock! How strange is that, huh? I was hoping this place would have it, even though I highly doubt it. You know what it is, right?" I shook my head in confusion. "Why it's pocky, Rin! No one has it!" "W-What? No pocky?!" I somewhat shouted. That was one of my favorite foods to munch on. Pocky. (Pocky + Wattpad = Heavan/Life) "Anywho, I assume your not here alone, or your shopping for someone. This is a rather feminine store, Mr. Okumura."

My eyes widened as I realized that he thought I was shopping for myself. "Oh no, Mr. Pheles. I'm here with my- a friend." I quickly changed that phrase, not knowing what his reation would be. Mephisto is a close friend to me and Yukio, as he was the one to help us into the academy knowing I'm an awakened demon. He was very personal with us, almost as if he was our older brother. "Ahh, I see. Is she here with you?" I nod my head. "Is she cute?" I can feel my face reddning a bit as he keeeps nudging my arm for an answer. "I-I guess so..." I mumble as I try to slip out of the bathroom. "Well then, I guess I'll go and see her myself! After all, a proper man should introduce himself first." Mephisto booms. (Tamaki-tips) And with that, he bounces away to find (y/n), having god knows what planned for her.

He usually just takes people and shows them weird places by teleporting them anywhere. Especially new people.

Like (y/n).


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