Chapter 5

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Your POV

Yukio had fallen out of the bushes- his glasses were croocked on his face and he was scratching his head. "Uhh..." He fixes his glasses and studders, "I... Um... Was just... uh..." You and Rin look at eachother, intertwined and blushing, and back at Yukio. Rin looks at you and you understand that the moment has to end. You both quickly unwrap yourselves from one another and sit up straighter. You clear your throat and Rin fixes his collar, obviously not enough to cover the fact that you were making out. Yukio shoots farther back in loss of words.

"The... You... Rin just.. d-dropped something in this bush..." Rin stared at Yukio. "I didn't bring anything." Rin says, unamused. Yukio quickly throws back, "I-I thought it was something, but it just turned out to be a rock." Yukio holds up a nearby pebble and laughs. "Nothing I own looks like a small white rock." "Uhhmm......"

You just sit there listning to Yukio's excuses, and managed to hold Rin's hand without Yukio noticing because the back of the bench was faced torwards him. You noticed your hand was heating up quickly and there was a faint dark blue glow forming between your hands. With every word Yukio said, the more the Rin grided his teeth, and the more the heat grew. It was hot enough to loosen your hand and see a lighter blue glow form. You're not too sure if it was just a reflection of something or maybe something really was forming. You motion with your hand that you want to let go for a moment, and Rin jerks his hand open and looks down at your hands. There was nothing. You look at him who has a concrened look on his face. He takes your wrist and flips your palm upright. You and Rin look at your hand, which has faint burnt marks torwards the middle. He kisses your hand softly and mouths, "I'm so sorry". You hold his hand again and nod as though you said, "It's alright", even though you didn't know what he was sorry for.

Yukio stands up and fixes his jacket. "Ok, sorry for 'interupting' that, but it's almost 8, so you need to get back to the dorm." You look at Rin's watch which read 6:12. You and Rin look at each other because it's a pain to have an akward walk home with someone who's been spying on your date. It was pretty silent besides Rin angrily murmuring to his brother. You all got home in a quick 3 minutes.

As you entered back into the dorm, you heard Yukio say as he was walking up the stairs, "Start getting ready for bed.". You and Rin were left there alone once more. Rin walks up to you, hugs you, and whispers, "I'm so sorry... He is never really that nosey with my buisness... I'll go talk to that jerk and make sure it never happens again. I hope you enjoyed the main event of tonight." You smile and say, "It was so beautiful, something that I would never of got to see if you hadn't shown me. Thank you.". "To tell you the truth," Rin adds, "Kuro told me that the sun was setting there tonight. I would of never seen it from what I was planning to do- read, eat, and sleep. I also just want to say that I'm really am grateful for you coming to our academy and staying with us. Without you, none of my life would've been complete. Thank you. I love y-" "RIN, COME GET READY FOR BED." I could tell Rin was pissed off and ready to snap shit at Yukio. "Yukio.. I'm coming...." Rin says through tightly fastend teeth. He kisses your forehead and fumes up the stairs.

You make your way to your room and sit down on your bed. The sky was now maroon and purple as you looked out your window. Seeing a thing cloud that looked like a straweberry, it reminded you of the strawberry shortcake Rin had made for dessert. Your stomach growls, moaning 'I have room for another!' and you decide to go ask the brothers if they wanted to settle over tonight with sweet cake (Haninozuka style).

You walked up to their room and noticed the door was a crack opened. Your not usually the sneaky person, but you really wanted to know why Yukio was following you and Rin. Anger? Jealousy? Confusion? You poked your eye through the door to see Yukio with a straight face and Rin with the angriest expression you've ever seen him with. "Yukio! Tell me why you were spying on us!" Yukio crosses his arms and replys, "I wasn't spying on you." Then that's when things you saw in the Okumuras changed. Rin started growling and two blue balls of fire gas lit on his head. In his hands he held two smaller ones and a tail whipped out from underneath his shirt. The teeth in his mouth were sharp along with his nails. His face grew angrier, his ears had pointed and expanded, and his eyes had rings of red in them. You gasped in horror as you remembered that the blue flames were the symbol of Satan himself. Then the most painful memory hit you- the Blue Night.

**Your father had died on that night because of the blue flames and your mother died from an illness of grief after loosing your father. In 2 short months, you lost your mother and father at the age of 7. Luckily, your (anyone else in your family) took you in and raised you until you were sent off to the academy.**

You were speechless and felt useless to run away. His body was nothing more than a pure demon. Yukio had noticed you out oh the corner of his eye and said "Rin..". He went from angry to a calmer stage, still with flames blazing, and saw you. His flames immediantly went out and his tail stopped wavering. You shivered and ran downstairs into your room. You heard a pair of footsteps follow you, followed by knocks on the door. You curled up on your bed, scared as hell, and Rin was yelling, "(y/n)! (y/n)!!" After ignoring him for a minute or two, he hits the door one last time with no effort and says, "I'm sorry..... I'm sorry...... I'm sorry..... I love you..... I'm sorry.....". Tears start to race down your cheecks as you realized that you loved him back- even though you just saw the true secret of Rin Okumura.

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