Chapter 6

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After dinner Chris and I walked over to the net. His first fear was spiders. I told him mine was trouble with my family, it isn't a complete lie but it isn't the truth either. I know that my fear is only of my father and always wondering if today would be the day he lost all control and was going to kill me instead of just beating me. When we get to the net I see Justin resting on it staring out the hole in the ceiling at the night sky. How I miss the nights I would lay on the roof and stare at the stars.

"Oh wow you actually came, awesome. Most transfers would be weary thinking we would prank them or something, guess you got to be a bit brave anyway to come." 

Justin says as he rolls off the net landing easily on his feet.

"We are going to have to leave in about five minutes to meet everyone at the train." He looks to Chris. "Hey I'm Justin." 

He extends his hand to Chris, Chris shakes it and blurts out a little too excited, "Chris!" Justin lets out a slight chuckle and told us to follow him and we ran up a set of stairs to the train platform where a few Dauntless initiates were gathered and a good number of members. I see Six surrounded by a group of people, one of them a very hyper girl with short dark hair sees Justin and runs up to him.

"Justin, who are your friends?"

"Hey Christina, this is D and Chris. They're transfers but I was hoping since I don't really have siblings that they could come anyway."

"Of course they can, as long as they can keep up." She turns to me a huge smile on her face. "Hi D, oh wow I love your necklace where did you get it?"

I look down to see which necklace I am wearing. I don't own a lot of jewelry nor do I own any make up but I was wearing this the day of my choosing ceremony, Anne was wearing a matching one.

"I-I uh made it." Her eyes widen

"Oh wow can you make me one? I would love you for like ever."

I smile. "I guess I can if I make it through initiation."

"Well you must now, I need a necklace like that like NOW'!" 

She looks at me and with that she runs back to Six.

"Uh...yeah, sorry about her she is a bit um hyper. " Justin shrugs. 

"I think that is an understatement." Justin laughs.

"Christina was a transfer last year with Six and Will, the blonde. That's Uriah the boy there Dauntless born. He was my neighbor and we are pretty good friends. I was usually at his house if I wasn't at mine. Hey Uriah"! 

Uriah comes running over to Justin and puts him into a headlock laughing. Justin slaps his arm and he lets go.

"Hey transfers." Uriah says looking at us. "You excited for some reckless fun." A huge smile comes across both mine and Chris face. "Good, the train is almost here. Don't miss it."  that 

Uriah joins his friends and everyone gets ready to board the train. When Chris and I  get on the train we head to a corner. We don't really know anyone on the train since they are all members or Dauntless born so we decided to stay out of the way. We are sitting there for a moment when Justin, Kat, Buckley, and a few others come over and join us. Justin sits right next to me and bumps into my shoulder.

"Hey." He says to no one in particular.

"Do you know where we are going?" I ask.

"Naw no one tells us anything." Buckley says. "It's a tradition for the Dauntless born during initiation. You must have done something pretty impressive to earn a spot coming with us. Last year only Six was able to come since Uriah brought her along."

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