Chapter 7

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After dinner the next day we all agreed to play Dauntless or Candor which was explained to me as being like truth or dare. It seemed like fun so we all followed Justin to Uriah's apartment and went inside. We were joined by a whole group of people and I was immediately grateful that I was not the only girl anymore. I met Christina already and she introduced everyone else.

"This is Will, my boyfriend. Lynn, Marlene Uriah's girlfriend. Zeke, Shauna Zeke's girlfriend and you already know Four and Six."

Chris and I say hi and we all sit in a circle. Uriah starts the game asking Zeke Candor or Dauntless next thing I know Zeke is on a table singing at the top of his lungs and pretending to rip off his shirt. Everyone starts laughing. When he is done he takes a drink from a silver flask and goes on to the next person. It goes on like that everyone having fun and taking a drink of alcohol after each dare or truth is completed, until it is Six's turn to ask.

"Chris, Candor or Dauntless?"

Chris thinks for a moment "Candor," I think of course the Candor picks Candor.

"Do you have a crush on anyone, and if you do who is it?" Everyone turns to look at Chris and he turns a little pink. Takes the flask and takes a huge swallow before answering.

"D, I have a crush on D." 

I am shocked my mouth drops to the floor. I feel my face get warm and I can't fathom why he would say me.

"What the hell man?" Justin screams. 

He is still sitting there across from Chris but his hands are in tight fists.

"Oh here we go." Lynn and Buckley say at the same time. 

Justin is staring daggers at Chris, and Chris has his hands up as if he is trying to defend himself from the daggers Justin's eyes are throwing.

"I just answered the question truthfully." Chris states factually. 

Such a Candor. Justin just glares.

"Dude chill Justin, everyone knows D is hot. I bet even Four thinks so." Brandon says with a smile on his face.

I feel like my eyes are about to pop out of my head, and I feel my eyebrows crease as if asking a question. What are these guys talking about? Tris turns to Four. She smiles at him and says in a sing song voice. 

"Is it true Four, do you think D is hot." I see Fours ears get a bit red.

"Hey there is no denying that D is an attractive person, but not as hot as you are."

"Damn Four that was smooth but now I can't use that line." Uriah exclaims with a smile.

"Hey." Marlene says while she punches his arm.

"Guys, I have no idea why any of you think i'm hot. I am nothing special there are plenty of other girls that are prettier than I am."

"Really, D I think you need to have a good look in the mirror, you're stunning and if you don't believe me well I will just have to give you a makeover to show you." Christina smirks.

"Oh thank god I thought only I was going to have to be tortured endlessly by Christina's makeovers." Tris laughs.

Christina laughs. "You know you like them Six, besides it was more for Four anyway." Four smiles.

"D, Candor or Dauntless." Chris says trying to end the awkward conversation happening.


"You have to let Christina give you a makeover now."

Christina jumps up squealing grabs my arms and runs me out of the room, right before I am out the door Buckley tosses me the Flask. I down it all and toss it back. Behind me Lynn, Tris, Marlene, and Shauna follow. After about 30 minutes of sheer torture I am allowed to look in the mirror. The person I see doesn't look like me, but is exactly the same as me. I am wearing a pair of black pants that are tight around my butt but make it look amazing and a tight black top with a low scoop neckline that shows off my collarbones and my curves. My hair is in soft curls off my right shoulder and I have on eye liner and a soft pink lip gloss. I look nothing like how I did in Erudite. 

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