Chapter 5

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I sit on a bench next to Chris. Steph was gone before we woke up, her mattress bare and her drawers empty. The rest of the transfers share the same bench as us. Across the small room is another bench full of Dauntless born members. Sitting across from me is the dark blonde guy that I saw jump first from the roof. He is laughing at a joke another Dauntless boy said and the girl next to him has her hand on his shoulder laughing as well.

"Hey, which one of you were ranked first?" James yells to the Dauntless born.

The first jumper, the dark blonde across from me answers. 

"Does it really matter, our lowest rank can still beat your weak ass in a fight." 

I think that I am going to like this guy.

"So, I take it that means you were first." James reply's angry.

"Nope, I was second."

"Oh, I guess you talk pretty big for being a loser." James sneers at him.

"You gonna let him talk to like that, come on Justin kick his ass." 

The girl next to him yells. I see James get up from the bench and look at the boy, Justin. He is just smiling.

"Kat. " He says to the girl next to him. "Why don't you do it, like I said even the lowest ranked Dauntless can beat you." 

Kat smiles and starts to stand when the door opens and Four steps into the room. He looks at James in the middle of the room and pinches the bridge of his nose, it is obvious he doesn't like James.

"Today is your first day of stage two. We believe in the saying face your fears and today that is exactly what you will be doing. One by one you will come into this room behind me and enter a simulation that will be one of your fears. You can only get out of the simulation once you compose yourself enough for your heart rate to register normal or you find a way to beat your fear head on. James, since your already standing why we don't start with you." 

A slight smile on Four's face. James looks to be turning a slight shade of green as he follows Four into the room.

"So, who really was first?" I ask.

Justin looks up at me and for the first time I really see him. Not really tall for a guy, but is built far more then I think a 16 year old should be, and his eyes are the lightest blue I have ever seen almost as blue as the sky on a really bright day. He gives me a slight smile and points to the guy next to him.

"Buckley was. What's your name transfer?"

"I'm D, I was ranked second." We sit in silence after that, till just myself, Chris, The girl named Kat and Justin are left on the benches.

"Well D." Justin stares at me while he continues, a small smile on his face. "Me and a few of my friends are getting together later tonight for some Dauntless fun, care to join us? You can bring a friend if you don't want to be the only transfer there." I look at Chris and he smiles excited for the chance to let off some steam.


"Awesome meet me at the net after dinner."

The door opens "Justin you're up" Four yells from the door.

"See you tonight, D." 

He stands and goes into the room. Kat looks at me like she is trying to set me on fire with her mind. I wonder what that is about. I turn back to Chris.

"So, you want to come with?" 

I say playfully giving him a slight push. He just nods and pushes back.

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