Chapter 10

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"There is going to be a delivery from Erudite in two days. The order is for new computer equipment, medicine and a new serum that said it was to be used as a locator if one of us got lost."

I look at Four and Tris.  I can see Tris is thinking really hard. I know I am scared that locator is an obvious ploy and it will be used on all of Dauntless with plenty extra.

"When my father would talk to us about his work which I have to admit it wasn't very often, it was always about him saying the goal was to have longer lasting and longer distance serums. Do you think they succeeded?"

"I wouldn't put it past them." Tris said.

"What do you think they will make us do?" I ask.

"Nothing to us, but for everyone else something that they wouldn't do otherwise." Four spoke glumly.

"Their going to make us hurt someone. Who do the Erudite hate the most?" I question. 

"I have to warn my parents!" Tris says so quietly I could barely hear her. 

Tris' parents are part of our government leaders the Abnegation. 

"Erudite wants to take out the government with an army of trained soldiers and only the three of us have any idea." She is panicking slightly. 

It is a strange sight. Too bad we don't have any idea how to help.

"I can try to see if I can be the one or at least one of the ones that will inject people, but inject either a fake serum or not one at all." I say. 

They both keep telling me that it is too dangerous and after a good 20 minutes of arguing I have to agree with them. We decide that if we are injected that we will have to play along and once we get to where ever we are going we will try to stop it and save as many people that we can regardless if they are Dauntless or Abnegation. I say my good nights and walk next door to my apartment, lay in bed and look at my clock on the side table 2:15 am. Well I can still try to get a few hours of sleep I think to myself and fall into a nightmare of a dream.

I wake in a cold sweat. I look at the clock and it's bright red numbers say it is 4:45 am. No point for me to go back to sleep I think to myself, I doubt I could anyway. I get up and shower, dressing in a pair of black jeans and a black tank top with my black combat boots on. Looking in the mirror I cant even remember how I looked in blue, granted I was always wearing the darkest blue almost black anyway. I put my hair into a simple ponytail and head to the cafeteria for some breakfast, on the way I stop at Justin's apartment. I knock on the door and wait for the sound of shuffling feet, seeing Justin open the door I completely forgot how early it was and felt guilty. That is till I noticed he was only wearing a pair of basketball shorts, and my face went red, so red I could put a tomato to shame.

Seeing it is me Justin quickly ushers me into his room, rubbing his eyes and directs me to his bed to sit. He really needs to get a sofa or a chair or something. He picks up a shirt from the ground and quickly puts it on. Seeing his abs covered I quickly snap out of my daze, face still red.

"Are you alright D?"

I want to tell him everything, but I know I can't. Not now anyway.

"Um...." I open and close my mouth I feel like a fish struggling for air. "I had a bad dream and couldn't go back to sleep so I wanted to know if you wanted to come to breakfast with me. I didn't realize how early it was and how little you slept in."

Oh shoot I think to myself, that last part was supposed to be internal dialogue not external. I mentally slap myself. Justin looks at me and smiles sweetly at me. I also think he is laughing at me but I am to embarrassed to really look at him at the moment. He sits next to me puts an arm around my shoulders and brings me to him in one fell swoop. I rest my head on his shoulder and he kisses my hair gently.

"Sorry you had a bad dream. Lay with me I will fight off your bad dreams."

"With what?"

"With my bare hands of course." He pulls me down onto the bed with him. I lay on his chest and soon his breathing steadies I watch him sleeping peacefully and soon his gentle breathes and his steady heartbeat relax me to a peaceful dreamless sleep.

I wake refreshed to lips on my forehead.

"Morning beautiful." 

Justin smiles and places a soft kiss on my lips.

"Morning." I reply when his lips leave mine. I feel a drop of water on my hand and see Justin's hair is still wet from a morning shower. "How long have you been up?" 

"About 20 minutes, ready for breakfast?"

We leave his apartment and head to the cafeteria hand in hand.

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