Chapter 13

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While sitting in the conference room surrounded by Eric, Max, Jeanine and a few other leaders I had yet to meet personally, I decided the first person I see would be the "victim" to the program, which will make my friends my enemies. Jeanine starts her little speech, god I hate her.

"D, thank you for volunteering to test out the new tracking device that we have created, though not many people go missing it does happen especially outside the gate. If this tracker works we will be able to find those who wonder to far from their faction and their home and bring them back safely before to much harm can come to them."

"No problem." I say trying to sound as innocent as possible. "As a future leader I am happy to help my fellow faction as much as I can."

Eric steps forward but Max stops him and takes the syringe from his hand. He walks up to me instead. Any respect I had for this man is gone now. I tilt my head so my neck is exposed, I make sure to have a small smile on my face. I feel it enter my flesh and the warmth of the liquid enter my blood steam.

"So what do I do now, just walk around or should I jump on the train?"

"No, just sit here while we get the program up and running no point on you being somewhere else if it doesn't work." Jeanine smiles at me while speaking.

"Of course just let me know when your ready for me to start."

I sit and watch her grab a tablet and start typing in some code. I stare at Eric who is behind her watching him hoping for some clue on when the program should start. I see him flinch ever so slightly that I was not sure if that was a signal or not, but I also notice that Jeanine is no longer typing but she isn't looking up yet. Eric flinches again just enough and I let my face slack. I don't allow my eyes to wonder and stare ahead blankly as I stand from my chair almost robotic like. I turn toward Jeanine and put my hands behind my back as if waiting for a command. She smiles slightly and types some more on her tablet. Eric watching her and when she hits one more button his eyes snap up to me. I start walking to the door without a word open it and walk out of the room.

Now, the hard part staying in my own mind while trying to finish the plan. Also hoping Eric was telling me the truth, if not this is all a trap. For all I know they just injected me with nothing and I am doing all this on my own. I hate this feeling, I just want to go find Justin and run as far from here as I can, but I know I cant do that. I am not a coward and I can't leave everyone here defenseless. So I continue with the plan my brother set forth for me. I turn the corner and see Tris. I curse to myself knowing she wouldn't have any clue what was going on, I also don't know if I could take her and she was alone without Four.

"Hey D." 

Tris is smiling like nothing is wrong in the world. I don't say anything just keep walking towards her.

"D, Are you-" I punch her in the stomach.

"What the hell D?"

I go to kick her in the ribs but she grabs my leg and I fall to the ground quickly getting up. I swipe her legs out from under her and she falls onto her back. I get on top of her, and punch her in the face hitting her right eye, her jaw and her left ear. She screams as she hits me and finally she was able to push me off her. I get to my feet as quickly as she does. She is a pretty good fighter I have to admit to myself. Tris trying to back up, I keep walking forward with a purpose to make it look real, to look good. I kick her in the stomach, she bends forward and I kick her in the chin. She falls to the ground. I put my left arm across her throat lightly cutting off her airflow while using my right hand to reach into my bra and take the syringe out. Her eyes widen as she sees it and I quickly plunge it into her throat. As fast as I can IPut the syringe into her shirt so it wont be seen. She stops moving almost instantly and I see her eyes freeze in fear then nothing. I stand and walk back a bit then blink for the first time in what seems like an eternity. I hear Eric behind me laugh saying to end it to Jeanine. She smiles and I hear typing once again.

"How long till she comes out of it?" I hear Max speak.

"About 20 seconds. It will be nice to see how someone reacts once the simulation ends great for research purposes."

What an asshole. 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20. I fall to my knees. Grab my head and scream.

"Oh my god, Tris!" I crawl to her and check for a pulse. It is light but at least what ever I injected in her didn't kill her. I scream again "No, hold on." 

I pick her up and run to the hospital. Seeing Four on the way but not slowing down, I know I can't or everything would be ruined. I burst through the door and scream for help, a doctor with blue hair and a nose ring tells me where to put her down and starts working on her. As soon as she is out of my arms Four grabs me and slams me to the wall.

"What happened to Tris?" He screams at me and I see fear and anger in his eyes and it is all pointed at me. I decided to lie soft of since I don't know who is watching me or listening. Thank god I wasn't born Candor.

" I..I don't know. I remember being in the conference room with Max, Jeanine Matthews and Eric getting the new tracker injected in me and the next thing I know..." I gulp. " Tris is lying on the ground and I was on top of her." I hope his anger wasn't clouding the words I was saying to him giving him the names of those he knows are working with the serums and talking about the tracker.

I see his eyes flicker and then he lets go of me and falls to the ground. I just stand there, and pray that Tris will be alright. Three hours later the doctor comes in and says she is awake.

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