A Witches Imprint - Prologue


It was happening again. Why I thought this time would be different I don’t know. I was hoping that this time my wishes would come true, that this time someone was listening. But of course that wasn’t the case. It followed the same course as it always did.

                This time was different I will give it that. Just not in the way that I was hoping. No just this time it was a lot worse.

                “Please Mama, you can’t leave me. I can’t do this on my own,” I cried as I was holding the hand of my dying mother, my father was already dead she was all that I had left in this world. 

                “You have to my child. You are special and you are the only one left. Leave now, before they find you too,”

                “I can’t mama. I can’t do this anymore,” I said crying into her shoulder.

                “I know. I didn’t want this for you but there is nothing that I can do now. My time is up, but yours is just beginning. Now go! They are coming,”

                With a last glance at my dying mother and my dead father I turned and ran. I could hear the footsteps coming up the stairs but I didn’t turn around. I knew who they were already.  I ran to the end of the hall and jumped out of the window. I have done this before, I grabbed the tree that was just out the window and swung down till I was on the ground.

                Without looking back and without wasting anytime I began running. I didn’t stop, I didn’t think, I just ran because my life depended on it.

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