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Heyo,  lovelies!

I need your help with something super quick.  You guys have already been such a huge help with your cover entries, your votes for your favorite ones, your great and amazing reviews on Goodreads, and your support.  I thank you guys so much for doing and continuing to do all of this!  And now, I need more help.

On Goodreads right now, you have the opportunity to vote on a variety of lists, and you can vote for Falice and Will to get to the top of these famous lists!

Anyways, you can vote for them by going to any one of these lists below (I left the link to all of the lists in the external link), and click "add books to this list". Click "vote for this book" beside the Faking Delinquency, and voila! Your vote has been counted.

If you guys want, it would be great if you voted for Faking Delinquency!

Here are the links to my profiles (the links are also on my Wattpad profile):




Thank you so much!


P.S. You can still vote for a cover here:

P.S.S. There's another cool free giveaway coming your way soon, so make sure you guys watch out for that!

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