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Heyo, guys! (:

So I have some exciting news for those of you guys out there who are writers!  I'm going to hold a one shot contest where you could have a chance to have your story published in my book!

Interested?  Here are the guidelines!


- The story must be at least 500 words, but less than 1,500 words.

- It can be about any character, any chapter, or any moment in the book you wish to write about.

- It must be posted on Wattpad as a new story, with the title "Faking Delinquency - One Shot"

- The chapter name must be the name you want for your story.

- The link of your story should be submitted to the form listed in the external link.

- The deadline is August 15, 11:59pm EST.

- You must dedicate the story to me.


Do you use characters from your book?

Yes! The story should be about one or more of the characters from the story.

Does it have to be about Faking Delinquency?

It has to relate to the story, whether it's a moment that happens during the story itself, or a moment that happens after. However, the one shot should not be about an event that happens before the story takes place.

How old was Falice during Faking Delinquency?


Can I write a one shot about Arabelle in London?


How did their mom die?

In a car crash.

Can I edit my one shot after I've entered it?

If you do it before the deadline, yes!

All entries will be screened by my publisher's editors, and the best entries will be announced as finalists!

If you win, your story will be published in the back of my book, and you'll receive a free copy! (:

Love you, lovelies!  Happy writing!

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