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Hiya! So, this announcement is going to be super short. Please make sure to read the whole thing!

Real quick, I just wanted to thank you all again so much for your support! It means a lot that out of all books, you chose to read this one and that you continue to support me throughout all of this. It means a lot guys, seriously. Also, I've seen all of your questions and will answer them ASAP!

Faking Delinquency is currently viewable on Goodreads (basically the world's biggest book catalogue) so go check it out, write a review for it, rate it, add it to your bookshelves and recommend it to any friends you have on Goodreads. (SPREAD THE INFORMATION VIRUS, SPREAD IT NOW!)

Here's the link: (I've also left it in the external link, because I'm pretty sure you can't click on links in the reader)

It would really mean a lot if you took the time to check the Goodreads link out and any of the listed things above. Thank you in advance if you do so!

I also want to do something really cool. Because I love you guys to bits, I really want for all of us to get a team name! You know, like Beliebers or Directioners except for books! Doesn't that sound cool? And I want YOU guys to name us since you guys would think of better names than I ever could. So if you guys have any suggestions at all for a super cool team name, feel free to email me at

Also like me on Facebook, and follow me on twitter for more updates or jokes to keep you entertained until the book is launched. So go check it out right now.


(These links are also on my profile if you have trouble on the reader)

There is a lot involved in publishing a book (I love it!). But I don't want to bog you down with every little piece of progress. But you guys are the reason why this dream has come true, and so you guys are going to get updates at all the major milestones leading up to the big launch of the book in the next few weeks!

That's right, in the next few of weeks!

That's about it for today! (: I hope you all have a great night/day depending on your current location. And don't forget to check out the book on Goodreads!


P.S. Don't forget to submit your covers the last day you can submit your cover is 11/17/2015.

P.S.S. If you leave a review on Goodreads, there's an awesome chance that your review will be in the published book! :D

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