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Heyo again, lovelies!

Thank you all so much for your supportive messages on all platforms!  I'm glad to see you are as excited as I am! Honestly, I'm still freaking out.

And now I have more news for you!

My publisher, the wonderful BLVNP, is setting me up with a fancy website (very professional), and they are going to be holding a cover contest. Woo! If you are interested, you can submit a cover entry that could become the official cover of my book when it finally hits the stores! And your name will both be in the book, and on the back of its physical cover! How cool is that?

Here are the guidelines:

Just send the covers to me at by Nov. 17, 6am EST. 

The only requirements are:

Book Cover Guidelines

1. Know that if we choose your cover you will get credit ON the physical cover and inside the book. This can actually help you a lot as a graphic artist and bring you future work from us and other book publishers.

2. You will have to fill out a form that lets us have the cover.

3. You can not use any copyright images. You can use Royalty Free Images.

4. We need a high res format of the cover in JPG and Photoshop format, as well so that we can use it for the paperback version of the book.

5. Cover Image size should be 5.5 by 8.5 inches in 300 Pixels per inch resolution.

6. Hints:

• The cover has to look good when Amazon Thumbnail size. The idea is that people WANT to click on it when they see the thumb nail.

• The text needs to be readable.

• You should use only 1 font.

• The cover needs the title AND the author's name

7. The cover needs to have the Title and the Author's Name visible.

8. If your covers wins we will do everything we can to use it. If it wins we will WANT to use it because that will give us the most future sales.  But, you do need to know that there can be odd reasons why we might not be able to. For example we might not be able to use the Photoshop file for some reason or we might find a copyrighted image in the cover design.

9. Submit your created cover on or before Nov. 17, 6am EST.

10. Also, my author name is Ashley Winters, so that needs to be right in the cover.

I will be giving you updates as it all happens, and I will make sure all of the updates are interesting, exciting, and fun to read! We are gonna have so much fun with this, guys!

So stay tuned for more updates.

Thank you.

I'll see you in the next post, lovelies! (:

P.S. I'd love to see covers with a summery feel, with Falice and Arabelle, or with Falice and Will (making a pinky promise, if possible) as entries! Thank you all in advance who decide to enter!

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