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Heyo, lovelies! This is going to be really short and exciting!

So the the launch of the book is this Nov. 30, and I am freaking out! Seriously, the book is available on Monday! I am super nervous, and super excited! Are you guys as pumped as I am?

Remember that this book comes along with bonus chapters and large parts of it re-written (it's like a brand new book)! For instance in this book some dramatic difference like Falice finds out that she comes from a long line of werewolves (okay, so maybe it's not that—but seriously, it is like a new book!).

I want to ask you guys a very odd favor. I have a countdown timer on my blog, which is counting down to when the book is officially up on and is launched. (It's going to be put on multiple different platforms, but Amazon is just the first place). (link will be in the external link!)

And I want you guys to get the book when the clock goes to 00:00:00. It's at that point when the links will appear on the blog. If everybody gets the book at the exact moment, then it will have a viral effect on Amazon (in other words it's going to go really really big; if the book gets big enough, it will actually be available in bookstores!).

You guys have been unbelievably awesome. My publisher agrees that you have been BEYOND awesome, helping me pick the cover for the book and giving me incredible support in the comments. And so they have decided to lower the price of the book on the launch day. This is just on launch day, so the price of the book will raise back to its actual price on date. So make sure to get it while the getting is good! :D 

I am very much looking forward to reading your reviews on the actual book! To those who don't have an Amazon account, you can ask your family members or friends to leave the review for you! There is something awesome that my publisher is getting ready for those who will leave a review!

Alright, that's my super short announcement. Never forget, I love each and every one of you (so much, seriously). I will see you in the next update. :D


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