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Heyo! (:

First off, congratulations to @hiddenfortitude for winning the one shot contest!  Thank you to everyone who entered. <3

Secondly, Faking Delinquency has officially been relaunched!  A newly edited version has been released, a new cover has been created, and, as of right now until the end of tomorrow (August 22), 12am EST, you can purchase the kindle version of the book for 0.99 on Amazon!  So head on over there and buy a copy if you can! (:

Thank you all so much for supporting me throughout this journey! <3 You guys are amazing, and I love you all lots!

In the external link, you can go to my website an check out the new cover, the winning one shot, and get a link to purchasing the book!


IMPORTANT NOTE: The new version is only for the kindle, at the moment.  The new version for paperback will be available shortly.

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