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(For secret surprise read the bottom of this update).

Lots of important updates you are going to want to hear. Your future self will thank you. And your future self might also have a free puppy (I don't know, your future-self is a pretty unpredictable person. You could get a Giraffe tomorrow for all I know.). I want a pet panda. Or a pet lion. But, in hindsight, that's probably not a smart idea.


If you haven't been reading my previous posts, then here are the quick details.

My publisher is so unbelievably impressed by how supportive and awesome you guys are. They say they have never seen this level of support from an author's audience. And so they said that I can lower the price of the book for today. So now you have a few more bucks for pizza (or whatever you crazy kids are spending it on these days).

In other words, you guys are the best fans of all time. I already knew that (I've always known I am the luckiest author in the word), but now everybody knows it! And the best part is you are going to get rewarded for it!

Thank you guys, for just being awesome and reading these posts. :) 

If you get the book today at exactly 2pm EST, then it has chance to become an Amazon bestseller at which point Amazon will start marketing it by themselves, which means that it will be a lot easier to put it into bookstores. (Imagine seeing the book you bought online, with the cover you voted on in Barnes & Noble—not just on the website, but on the bookshelves). 

So here is your mission. On my blog there is an epic countdown timer. When that countdown timer reaches 00:00:00 go to the links provided on my blog and get the book. IF you want to you can get the book right now if you really really really want it (we are all little rebels here I get it). But please, if at all possible, please wait until the timer reaches 00:00:00. 

Then you can get the book! If you don't have an Amazon account then you can make one super quick. Or you can just use your parents or friends Amazon account—that works, too!

And then please leave a review. Even if you don't get the book (especially if you don't get the book), then you can leave a review. Tell Amazon how much you love the story.

Heck if you DON'T like the book, then feel free to leave a negative review. (I will still love you).

Even if you don't have an Amazon account, you can go through a friend's Amazon account and review it that way. Those reviews will guarantee the epicness of this book (spread the love). 

P.S. My publisher has even promised to put your name in the book as thank you when you leave a review as long as you do it this week! Ooooh that's awesome—I love that! I get to have some of you amazing people in the book, yay! In other-words if you buy the book and leave a review on it by the end of the week, then my publisher will update the book and put YOUR name in the updated version! How cool is that?

So.... Now for some shameless begging. Please go buy (When the count down timer hits 00:00:00) AND leave a review. I LOVE YOU GUYS SO MUCH!


P.S. Did you follow me on Amazon? I'd love it if you did! (the link is in the external link!)

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