Section l: The Rise - Chapter 5 • Trapped

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Even innocence itself has many a wile, and will not dare to trust itself with truth, and love is taught hyprocisy from youth. -George Gordan Noel Byron

9:49PM, March 23, 2013

Boston, Massachusetts

Leaving Viona behind was the last thing I wanted to do. She was so sweet to me, and her kiss was just right. I knew I needed to get back though, and Eddie was going to have me ass for this one. I've pushed it before, but up and leaving like this is something I've never done.

Even before he lived in Colorado, James would tell him when I left too late. So, to get fresh air, I'd go on the roof. He would see my car in the drive, and had no explanation for my door being locked. That's how I would get James to assume I was home. Then he started knocking on the door once when I didn't hear and ended up figuring me out. I never snuck out after that, and I've been trapped like a rat ever since. Sometimes I feel like they treat me like a child, when in fact I'm the oldest. Whether it be appearance, in which I'm twenty-five, or actual age which I don't even know, I have the knowledge that they don't.

Hell, maybe they are smarter. I always assumed I was born being a freak of nature, but now Viona has told me otherwise. Maybe she was lying, or maybe not. I couldn't tell you to be honest, and I'm not too sure myself. I want to trust Viona, even if she does seem a little bitchy. Ash was bitchy too, and I said the same damn thing about her. 

I guess I have bad luck with women, or I suck at pickin' them. You know, thinking about all this made me slow down and stop running. When I reached the hotel, I almost didn't want to go in. Knowing what I know, I wasn't in the mood to pull open those glass doors and head to the room. I started to become a little sadder the closer the elevator got to the top floor. I'd even bargain to say I was getting depressed, because I already missed Viona.

Having someone that actually understands me, it's an amazing feeling. It might just be the desire not to be lonely, but I hope I get to see her again. My heart is pounding, cause I found somebody to love. God damn it, I thought I wasn't supposed to have a heart! I guess I do, because it's beating at every thought of her. My thoughts were interrupted as I walked into the room with my head down.

"Where the fuck were you? I can't believe you! Just running off like that!" Eddie yelled.

He continued to rant as I looked over to see James just staring, white as a ghost. I'm surprised that even he (for lack of better words) has his tail between his legs. Finally, I got frustrated with the words being thrown at me, mostly because they were just going in one ear and out the other.

"I was with her!" I yelled at him, making him shut up.

"Who?" James asked.

His eyes were glassy. I don't know what's wrong with him, but he seemed down. I know he gets depressed when he has to avoid the moon, but this is just strange.

"Her name is Viona, and James, you wouldn't believe it. She's just like me, except free! And she has friends, amazing friends! One's like you, and God you should have seen her eyes when I told her she wasn't alone." 

His eyes gleamed over with hope. "Really?" 

"Seamus, lets not get too far ahead of ourselves." Eddie said. "We're leaving tomorrow, and you aren't going to get to see these girls for another year. Plus, I don't want you to fall in love with someone just because they're the only one on earth that "understands" you." 

My hands clenched up and it took all my might not to deck him. Eddie just doesn't get it. We're animals, that's it, and animals shouldn't be locked up.

"That's the reason you fell for Natalie! Why should it matter that we share the same secret? I fell for her way before I knew she was like me! I love Viona more than you'll ever know, and if it means leaving you guys to be with her, I'd do it!" 

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