Section l: The Rise - Chapter 1 • Harmony

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"Your heart decides who it likes and who it doesn't. You can't tell your heart what to do, it does it on its own when you least expects it, or even if you don't want it to..." -Unknown

9:03AM, March 22, 2013

Boston, Massachusetts

In the cold morning, I woke up to a pillow hitting my face, followed by my hyper-ass roommate.

"Get up you lazy ass!" Sly griped.

I sighed and threw the pillow back at him. With cat like -or rather fox like- reflexes he jumped back and squeaked. The dumb ass didn't look where he was jumping and ran into the hotel dresser, knocking his phone onto the floor. The case flew off and Sly looked at me trying to fake like he was pissed.

"Dick!" He yelled throwing the pillow my way once again.

"That's what you get for waking me up!" I replied as he leaned over and picked up his phone.

He giggled, standing back up. "I could've opened the drapes and fried half your face."

I rolled my eyes. "It would heal."

"True," He replied. "but it'd still hurt like a bitch."

I jumped out of bed and headed for my suitcase that would remain packed. I don't like to unpack at hotels. I'll be gone in three days; not worth it.

"Speaking of bitches," He continued. "Heard anything about Ash?"

I sighed going through my clothes. "Why should I care about her? We're through."

"It's still fun to stalk your ex." He giggled again. "Don't cha wanna know what she's up to?"

Clothes in my hand, I headed towards the bathroom. I stopped as I passes him.

"I. Don't. Care." I spoke, looking him straight in the eye.

A smirk grew on my face as he laughed. "Okay, fine butt."

God, he's so strange sometimes. I closed the bathroom door, making sure to lock it. Throwing my clothes on the counter, I went to turn on the shower. While I let the water get warm I looked it the mirror.

In my reflection, my blue eyes were anything but.That whole "vampires can't see their reflection" thing isn't true. My skin is milky white and my hair is dirty blond. Eyes that stare others down blue, look back at me red. I took a deep breathe in the steam filling the bathroom.

Why can't I be normal? Why do I have to hide? Why am I even alive? This whole monster thing may be cool for Sly and James, but they don't understand. No one understands. I read too much into it though. Maybe the hot shower that awaits me will clear my head.


"There's my favorite person to fuck with!" Sly said cheery as he went to hug Aleks at the front of the convention center.

Thank God, it was a gorgeous disaster outside of black clouds and rain. I didn't have to make up excuses or ditch everyone. I could actually come and enjoy meeting some fans.

"Seamus," Aleks said coming to hug me. "Pleasant surprise to see you joining us."

"You're one to speak." I replied.

"Eh, it's cause I'm not all high horse with eight-hundred thousand subscribers and ten thousand video's. I don't have the money. What's your excuse?" He asked raising an eyebrow.

I took a hard swallow. "Lazy." I shrugged, lying straight through my teeth.

What was I going to say? I can't go out in the sun cause I'll burn to death? No!

Tiffany walked up, throwing Aleks a Pepsi Max. She smiled at us.

"Hai!" She said, hyper.

Either she was very happy to be seeing Aleks, or she ate a lot of sugar. I'll go with both. I was shocked that even with the dark clouds outside, she was still peppy.

James came up to us. "You're late."

"Not my fault!" Sly said, putting his hands up in self defense and throwing me under the bus.

Aleks butted in. "Let's just get going."

As he said, we all started walking to meet up with the others. Just like Tiffany, everyone was still happy even with the shit weather. The whole day felt long, but went by fast all at the same time. We met a lot of fans, signed stuff and finally just hung out like we always mean to do. We're all always too busy and it was nice for a change. It took my mind off of everything, but now the thoughts are flooding back in. Well, shit.


A little fresh air could do me good. I asked James to join me and we just kept walking until we found somewhere calm. It was a small park with full, lush trees and long, thick green grass. The sidewalk was a dark, smooth cobble that glowed from the rain. I could hear a fountain somewhere, and a angelic voice along with it.

A guitar was echoing through the park, hitting each cord perfectly. The female voice accompanying it was beautiful and honey dipped.

I turned to James. "Do you hear that?"

"The singing?" He asked.

"Yeah." I replied. "Where's it coming from?"

He stopped to think and listen. Then he pointed towards one of the path ways. I wanted to run to the sound, but kept my cool and calmly walked to in.

We came into a clearing with a fountain. A girl sat on the fountain's edge with her guitar case at her feet and the instrument in her hands. She had beautiful apple red hair with blond highlights and a scene/emo cut. Her dark jeans were ripped all over and she had a lose fitting black shirt with the words "Ghost of Me" written in a light blue font. Multiple necklaces hung from her neck and her ears wear both pierced twice. Her lip was pierced too and I could see under the short shirt she wore that her belly button was as well. Her skins was pale and she had a Marilyn Manson tattoo on her left arm. She wouldn't look up from her guitar, but I wish she would so I could see her eyes.

I knew the song her beautiful voice was playing; Rodger Rabbit by Sleeping With Sirens.

"So when you have today, say all you have to say." She sung out strong, finishing the song.

Finally, she realized we were watching her. When she looked up I saw her beautiful eyes; they were blue as an ocean. I felt as if I was in a trance looking at her. She was gorgeous! A smile spread across her soft face.

"You have a beautiful voice." James complimented, flipping a coin at her.

Amazingly, she caught it. She dropped it in with the other's in her guitar case.

"Thank you." She replied.

"More than a beautiful voice," I added. "You're gorgeous."

She blushed. "Um, thanks." She said shyly. "I haven't seen you boys around here before."

"We're here for PAX." James pointed behind his shoulder to the direction of the convention center.

"Lucky!" She giggled. "My name is Viona by the way."

"I'm Seamus." I replied. "And this is James."

"Nice to meet you. Are you gonna be here all three days?" She asked.

"Yeah, and we have a long day ahead of us tomorrow so we better get back." James said.

I grabbed his arm as he turned around. "Hang on! I just wanna hear her play one more song."


I interrupted. "One more."

He sighed. "Fine, but you'll just have to catch up because I'm tired and I'm not waiting for you."

"I don't care. You head on without me." I replied.

James started walking away and I turned back to Viona. She was positioning her fingers just right so she could play another song. Her smile was beautiful, especially when she played. She must really enjoy music, like I do.

Viona began to sing, hitting each note perfect. "One more kiss could be the best thing, but one more lie could be the worst.

And all these thoughts are never resting, and you're not something I deserve." Her voice became even sweeter at the bridge. "In my head there's only you now. This world falls on me. In this world there's real and make believe and this seems real to me." Her tone climaxed at the chorus, sending my stomach knots. "You love me but you don't know who I am. I'm torn between this life I lead and where I stand, and you love me but you don't know who I am. So let me go, let me go." She looked up at me. "Do you know this song?"

"Mmhm." I nodded. "One of my favorites."

She kept strumming. "Do you wanna sing the next verse?"

I smiled. "Sure."

I took a seat next to her on the fountain's edge. Recognizing where she was in the song, I sung at the right key.

"I dream ahead to what I hope for, and I turn my back on loving you. How can this love be a good thing, when I know what I'm goin through?" I kept going to the bridge. "In my head there's only you now. This world falls on me. In this world there's real and make believe, and this seems real to me." My smile grew hearing the music go faster for the chorus. "You love me but you don't know who I am. I'm torn between this life I lead and where I stand. You love me but you don't know who I am. So let me go. Just Let me go...

Let me go."

"And no matter how hard I try," She sang. "I can't escape these things inside I know, I knowww.."

I finished the verse. "When all the pieces fall apart, you will be the only one who knows. Who knows.."

We joined together, our voices in perfect harmony to end the song. "You love me but you don't know who I am. I'm torn between this life I lead and where I stand, and you love me but you don't know who I am. So let me go. Just let me go. And you love me but you don't. You love me but you don't. You love me but you don't know who I am. And you love me but you don't, you love me but you don't, you love me but you don't know me."

As we finished the last note, I looked deep into her eyes. In the moonbeams, I saw a spark of red roll across the glossy blue. My heart stopped for a second. Is it possible? Is there another like me? Is she a...


I hope you all enjoyed this and thanks for reading! I had been searching around, and found a lot of 1D vampire stories, but no Creature vampire stories. So I did the most logical thing; made my own! I didn't feel like going into a entire story line just so he could break up with Ash (like in my story Toy Soldiers), so I did it the easy way ^.^ YAY FOR LAZINESS! Also, I don't think badly about Ash in the least bit. I actually love her! ♥ I really hope you guys liked this, and please give me feedback! It helps me to grow as an author and I love y'alls opinion! Please follow, vote, and all that magical stuff! Love you all!

-Meryl <3

PS The song was Let Me Go by 3 Doors Down. In case you're new to my work, I LOVE 3DD! Okk, that's all. :P

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