Section l: The Rise - Chapter 12 • The Ring, The Card, & The Plant

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Quick A/N- I'd really urge you guys to pay attention to times and dates this chapter, so you don't get confused!

"It doesn't matter which side of the fence you get off on sometimes. What matters most is getting off. You cannot make progress without making decisions." -Jim Rohn 

12:02AM, March 26th, 2013

Boston, Massachusetts

All day long, I camped out in the guest bedroom, thinking over my choices. I avoided Viona's perfume, Eddie's puppy-dog eyes, Sage's sorrow, and just blatantly ignored James, who's biggest goal was just to be a good friend to me. He attempted to talk to me around noon, but it was no use considering I wanted to be alone in my decisions. No outside thought, weak lie, or foggy feelings are guiding me. Logic is all that's left, as I came to a cold realization in my sleep.

7:49PM, March 25th

I was a fool to ever think the previous dreams were the realistic ones. Now, as I can fully feel myself emerged in this dream world, I know that the times before were nothing but child's play. Everything, and I mean everything, sinks into my skin, fills my senses, whistles through my ears, just as it would in real life. I have control, something that was missing before, and the world feels a lot more open.

The sky housed amazing tones a romantic sunset, but I have no one left to share it with. The whole that Viona had been filling... it's empty again. Where is she? How far away is the woman I love that the thought of her is no longer warm? Better question is, where am I? I've never seen these trees before, and the wet coble under my feet is just as new, but there's something that I can just feel in the air that makes me think I should know this place.

There's buildings outside the line of trees. I can see the lights lined up along the grey stature of them, but they're blurry because they're so far away. Not to mention, almost everything that isn't in my direct line of sight is like a smeared painting, and my movements are slow, almost like time is... slowed down.

As I walk, I can hear a voice that's familiar, but cold. It shouldn't feel so icy, because it's Viona's voice. I could recognize it miles away, and the song, just the same. These two made me realize exactly where I was, and as I walked into a clearing with a fountain and a beautiful woman, I knew; the park by the convention center. Ripped jeans, loose shirt, and all, it was Viona from the very first time I came face to face with her. Just like the memory that was still fresh in my mind, she wouldn't look up at me.

There were a few things different this time around though. The obvious things, of course, like the fact James wasn't there, nor any people, and the sun wasn't all the way down, but there was more. Originally, she played a Sleeping With Sirens song, one that was slow and sweet. This time, she's playing a song that I can't help imagine is directed at me.

"Never made it as a wise man

I couldn't cut it as a poor man stealing

Tired of living like a blind man

I'm sick of sight without a sense of feeling

And this is how you remind me,

This is how you remind me

Of what I really am

This is how you remind me

Of what I really am"

A freezing ballad to describe my unfortunate soul. As she sang, I could see the scars on her skin becoming more apparent, as if they were reverse healing. The scars were reopening, and when there's so many, it'll make you feel like a child from fear.

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