Section l: The Rise - Chapter 9 • One More Lie

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“A truth that's told with bad intent

Beats all the lies you can invent.” 

― William Blake

2:56 AM, March 25, 2013

Boston, Massachusetts

Every step had hesitation as I followed Viona. I was scared -no, terrified- of whatever the next few minutes would bring us. It could be relief, just my mind slipping, and nothing more. Lord, I'm delusional, aren't I?

Viona stopped while her chest still pumped from heavy breaths. She forced a hard swallow, of which I didn't know if it was fear, regret, or even pride. Whatever it was, it slipped away from her and she found courage to open the cottage door. The forest is set up so that three girls live in the main house, Flora did live in the greenhouse, and September and Mars live on an island in the middle of the lake. Willow trees, along with a thick fog, work together to cloak the area and give it a chilling atmosphere. It's very creepy here, and rattles me all the way to my bones. I can't explain, it just makes me feel uncomfortable, and even... fearful.

My sweet beauty slowed down when she started to walk through the house. Her eyes began to stare as her hands ran along the walls, chairs, counters, etcetera. The mindless look she was displaying was hinting towards one thing; she knew. Viona knows what happened, and I pray to God that it's good. Her feet stopped, and her eyes remained empty.

"Are you alright?" I delicately whispered.

She took a second to think about it. A breath, not a full sigh, but a breath snuck out of her velvet lips and her head started to fall a bit.

"He's been here already." Viona replied.

"What? How can you-"

"I just can. I know his trace, his smell, his style. He always opens a window before he leaves. It's like an evil signature to mark his crimes."

I hadn't remembered a window being open. True that I was more distracted by her, but I think I would have noticed a breeze. My eyes scanned the room, and all the curtains remains still.

"There's no windows open." I informed.

Viona raised her hand and twirled her wrist. "Listen."

Listen? To what? I can't hear anything! I'm fine with her playing the whole "mysterious" role, but it leaves me looking like an idiot most the time. Trust me when I say I tried my damndest to hear the same sounds as Viona, but I failed horribly.

I sighed in defeat. "I don't hear anything."

"You don't? The wind plays a song, and the branches are it's interment. The water is the backup singers, and the animals are the screaming fans. Nature has some amazing sights, if you care to look for them."

The last part was a tad snappy. Basically a "fuck up" because I'm a city boy who doesn't give a shit about nature. She may be a bitch, but she loves me, whether she'll admit it or not. Let me also add that she's pissed because of what we're both trying to deny.

"I can hear the wind playing a song through a window, somewhere in this house." She said. "It's a light whistle."

Viona continued to walk towards the sound, and my ears were still blocking out this supposed song. My ears, or my nimrod brain? The latter seems to be the right choice, and I have to assume it's because I fail to see the beauty in most things, even Viona at moments. Only small moments, because she's always radiant.

I realized her hands began to shake more as we reached a white door. The frame was unusual. It wasn't a normal white border, instead it was braided wicker wood. I've never seen something like this, and only a wannabe saint would live in a house like this. It's a good description for September, because she's a try-hard when it comes to pleasing people. I realized that early on. She's trying to be an angel, or at least repay her sins.

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