Section l: The Rise - Chapter 11 • Trust

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"The trust of the innocent is the liar's most useful tool." -Stephen King  

4:34AM, March 25th, 2013

Boston, Massachusetts

I remained with my mouth hanging wide open and my eyes like a deer in headlights. My brain wouldn't function words properly, because for the life of me, I couldn't comprehend a response. Finally I said to her, "I have to think about it."

The fire in Mars' eyes died down, but didn't go out as she sighed. "Alright. Let me propose an idea then; you think all you'd like, and at the stroke of midnight, I want to you to meet me by the abandoned chemical plant if the answer is yes. Just remember, if the answer is no, you'll end up right next to Viona and Colton on my list of enemies. And I swear to all things that are good and holly on this earth, if you tell anyone about this, you'll guarantee your spot on that list. Understood?"

Mars' fiery spit misted my check as she hissed out those words. I closed my eyes and took a deep breath while I wiped it from my face, then brought my line of sight straight to her.

"I can promise you, you won't be disappointed. Whichever decision I chose, it'll sure provide you with some... entertainment." I smiled with a cocky expression.

Soon a smile grew on her face as well, but stayed to one side of her pale face. "I hope I see you at that plant, because I want you on my side. I don't agree with Viona a lot, but I understand why you turn her on. You might not be a super model, but the fire in your eyes, and that snake like personality that comes out when you want it too... it's sexy."

A cold, yet quiet groan echoed in the back of my throat. It's one thing to try to turn me against the woman I love, but trying to make me yours too? Getting a little selfish, aren't we?

"Even if Viona is trigger happy, I do love her. I'd still love her even if I join you, so don't go trying to get with me, okay, sweet checks?"

She looked slightly surprised that I was rough with her. Mars has a good amount of innocents that makes guys very gentle towards her, but I'm beginning to question how genuine that childish persona is. She moved her eyes to the floor in a bitchy manor, and proceeded to play a mind game with me, unknowingly revealing her morals.

"She's nothing but a heartbreaker, I can promise you that. I've seen a lot of guys come and go, and I've only lived here a few months. But it's your decision."

As the words finished leaving her mouth, she was gone in an instant. I don't like the idea of a ghost being against me, because every minute she could be watching and I wouldn't know. The feeling of never having security doesn't settle well with me, but could anyone be comfortable with that? It's a harsh thought to know someone could be there, inches, or even centimeters away from you and you would have no clue.

Mars has a strong presence, and it's one of her biggest downfalls. I know very well she's still lingering, hoping I'll do something special. She's going to be very disappointed, because all she gets to see is my leaving. I let the door fall behind me, and returned to what I was originally going to check up on. As I walked through the hall, I passed by Sage, who's head was down from the sorrow consuming her, and James' arm rested around her to warm her on this especially cold night. She attempted to smile at me, but it was so forced it hurt.

I hung my head just as low as hers as she kept walking past me, to the living room with the others. It's very hard for me to ever think that women so gentle and sweet as this could be murders. They act like angels, smile like 'em too, and yet everyone tells me they're the devil. What exactly am I supposed to do? And now, as I open one of the guest bedrooms, I see the window wide open and not a single sign of Aleks. Colton has yet to lie to me, and Viona has tainted my trust multiple times, but I want to love her. I'm not sure who exactly I'm supposed to trust anymore.

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