Section l: The Rise - Chapter 4 • Fresh Air

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"I'v learned that getting what you want gives you a pretty high batting average, and leaves you plenty to struggle for." -Loretta Young

8:02PM, March 23,2012

Boston, Massachusetts

Tiffany and I hurried down the street. We pulled each other along; I was in a rush to get there and she was eager to get back to the hotel. Once at the line of trees, I kinda froze. In through the nose, out through the mouth. I could hear my heart beating. 

"She lives somewhere in there." Tiffany pointed into the darkness.

"Yep; somewhere in the nice, dark, creepy forest." I sighed. 

"It's only gonna get darker the more you stand here." She teased.

I swallowed back all the fear I could. Step by step, I headed for the treeline. I could feel Tiffany's stare as she watched me. It was soon enough I was out of her sight and deep into the damn creepiest woods I've ever seen. I could hear owls hooting, and things rustling in the bushes. The full blue moon shinned in between the tree's and made a weird shady pattern on the forest floor. The wind began to whistle and seconds later I heard something more than a rabbit shake in the leaves. 

I turned around in time to see her; a vixen of a werewolf. She pounced on me, nailing me down to the forest floor. Her features were a bit different than the werewolf I knew. Parts were missing, like the fur. She had ears, fangs, black eyes, claws, and a tail. Nothing more that was werewolf-y. Her hair was silver, but it had neon yellow streaks running through it. All her hair was cut short, except for long bangs that draped across all her face. 

She growled at me. I could feel her warm breathe sinking into my skin. Then a voice stopped her...

"Sage! Get off of him!" 

My heart sunk. It was Viona's voice. Her friend jumped up and Viona walked up. She looked down at me, disappointed. 

"I told you to forget me!" She snapped. 

I pulled myself up. "I couldn't." I replied stern.

Sage cracked her knuckles. "I could always make him forget."

"Sage, be quiet!" Viona hissed. 

Her friend pouted, but hushed down. Sage wore dark, fitting shorts with neon yellow tights underneath. Her top was tight with Ed Sheeren lyrics across it, and stopped at her belly bottom. Her shoes were ankle cut wedges with laces that were, you guessed it, neon yellow. I examined Viona. She looked similar to the night before, except now she wore a Sleeping with Sirens shirt and red tights ran under her torn jeans. 

"Can you please just listen to what I have to say?" I begged. 

She huffed. "Fine, but it's cold out here. Lets go back to our place and we'll also discuss... this." She said pointing to her werewolf friend. 

I guess I didn't think much of it. For a normal person, that would be fucking scary as shit. Was it weird that Viona was so chill about my reaction? 


Viona and Sage's home was the opposite of what I expected. It was a tall Victorian structure with dark red paint and purple trim. The whole place was fucking huge.

"You two live in that huge house all by yourself?" I asked in awe.

Sage giggled. "Oh course not! There's about... six of us?" 

I still couldn't believe it. When we walked in the entrance, I looked up to see a giant chandelier. The crystals sparkled and reflected on the wall. Then I took note of the walls; covered in pictures. I wish I had time to look at each one, but Viona pulled me along.

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