Sexy Kisses

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One shot request from AlbeitWeird.

Request: BoyxBoy....stripper


Gage- Other boy

This is in Nathan's POV

Sexy Kisses

Being a stripper at 17 isn't fun. I was forced by my father, the club owner, to perform. He has a gay night every Saturday and he wasn't able to find enough dancers so voila, here I am.

The small black speedo like bottoms stick to my ass and pull on my family jewels in a way that isn't comfortable. On top of them I wear a pair of button up the side basketball shorts, my usual Saturday night clothes.

Tonight has been particularly slow so far. I have only danced for a few people and only go 200 bucks out of it. The guys weren't even cute either. Pervy 40 something year old men that couldn't manage to get some ass from their wives.

The sound of the clubs door opening pulls my attention. I look toward that way and spot a group of about 3 people walk in; a girl and two girls. I watch as they all walk over to one of the tables hooked on near my stage and one of the guys sits while the other two head in the direction of the bar.

Looking over at the guy, I can see that he isn't very happy. I bet his friends dragged him here just for the half priced drinks tonight.

As I move a little closer and give the guy a once over, I can now see that he looks like a guy from my school. His black shaggy, over the eye hair, plump red lips with a piercing on the bottom, high cheek bones...he is perfect. In fact, I think I do know him.

"Gage?" I question him as I get closer to him. His head snaps in my direction and his eyes grow wide. Yep, that's Gage alright. He is also the boy that I have been crushing on since 5th grade.

"Nate?" He questions back and I just nod, sotting down on the edge of the stage.

"Y-you work here?" He stutters our. I nod my head and say,

"Yep. My dad owns this club."

"Oh. Wow. Um, okay then."

"Yeah. So, did you get dragged here or what?" I ask him as he turns to face me. His piercing shines from the lights above us and I find myself lusting after him more than I do during the school days.

"Yeah. Apparently I was being moody and depressed."

"Oh. Well thats understandable." I say. He nods.


It's flirting time now. He needs some cheering up so why can't I be the one to do it?

"Do you need some cheering up?" I question him almost innocently but my sly smile doesn't help my cause.

"What do you have in mind?" He questions in a sexy voice. I grin and wink, hopping off of the stage and pulling him toward one of the private rooms.

"Where are we going?" He asks and I don't answer, but I do push the door open to one of the rooms. Dim lights give the room a. Romantic touch as does the big candles.

Before he can ask what I'm doing, I flick the light off and push him into one of the walls with a seductive grin on my face.

Licking my lips, I push mine against his and surprisingly he kisses back. I knew that he was gay so that just makes this that much better.

"Now, how about some cheering up?" I question and tip my head to side as I wiggle my eyebrows.

"Bring it on." He days as he leans down bites my bottom lip. I let out a growl like noise and pull on his hand. I push him into the big recliner chair in one of the corners and sit down on his lap.

"Lap dance?" He questions with the raise of an eyebrow. I nod and he says,

"Kinky. I like it." I flick on the radio on the night stand next to me and relax against Gage. I can feel him already getting turned on and this just excites me beyond expectancy.

I begin to seductively move my hips and I grind my lower half against his. He makes a groaning sound and this makes me happy. I am awesome, officially.

I move so that my lower half is directly on his as I sit down completely. He grabs my hips and pulls me close so there is no space between us at all. I groan the feeling.

"Feels so good." He moans out and I just nod.

"How about we get these pants off eh?" I question him as I trail my finger on the edge of his pants. He nods quickly and moves me off of his lap and onto the bed.

I watch as he removes his shirt and then his jeans, bearing his almost toned chest and clearly big bottom half to me. I pull my shorts off and sit back down.

"You like what you see?" He questions as he sits back down.

"Oh hell yeah." I hear him laugh and then he grabs me and easily pulls me back onto his lap.

"Good because I know I sure do like what I see." he says with a wink and me, the stripper, blushes from a compliment. Pssh, if only I were too manly to blush.

"Oh yeah?" I trail my finger along the edge of his green and black polka dotted boxers and then I slowly stick my hand inside. When I have him in my hand, he moans out and says,

"Oh hell yeah." I snicker slightly and push my lips to his. He swipes his tongue across my bottom lip and I open up quickly. I am not wasting any moments that I have with this boy. I have dreamed of this for too long.

As I move my tongue around in his mouth, my hand moves up and down to fill his needs. I can feel his hand rub me over my boxers and I almost come on spot.

I start to move my hand faster and I can feel him grow bigger under my touch.

"I'm close." He moans against my mouth and I nod, speeding up my strokes more.

"Oh shit." He moans out loudly and comes in my hand. I bring my hand our of his boxers and lick my fingers.

"Yum." He laughs and pulls my head back to his with a smile. I think I have just gained myself a new boyfriend.

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