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Chapter Six

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"Annie," a voice whispers.

I mumble something incoherent and turn over in my bed, pulling my covers over my head. "Go away. I'm sleeping." I hear a chuckle then my bed dips in.

"Don't make me turn to dirty tactics," the voice whispers.

I freeze, and slowly roll over. My eyes open and I see every single family member standing in my room with water guns. I shoot out of my bed and put my hands up in surrender. "I'm up, I'm up."

"Good. We're going to the beach today, so get ready," Carter says, and I realize he was the one sitting on my bed.

I look at the alarm clock on my bedside table and I glare at them. "Really? It's seven in the morning."

"It's California, Annie. We need to get there before the sun starts beating down," Bradley replies, rolling his eyes at me.

Charlie runs over to me and I lift him into my arms. "Don't get snippy, Bradley. I used to live in Indiana, remember?"

"Yeah, Bradley. Be nice to my sissy," Charlie says in his cute little voice.

I look at him in awe. "Did he just?" I look up to see all of them smiling at me.

"You are my sissy, aren't you?" Charlie asks, a small pout on his face.

My jaw drops and I look at the rest for help. They just nod. "I um... O-of course."

"Yay! Let's go see the fishies!" he chirps happily, jumping out of my arms. I continue to look at him in awe as he runs out of my room.

"Well, get dressed! You have ten minutes," Mr. Emerson says and walks out of the room, tapping the watch on his wrist for effect.

"You're going to catch some flies if you keep your jaw dropped like that," Randy comments.

I shut my mouth and look at him. "I'm going to get changed so...leave."

"Ma'am, yes ma'am." Carter salutes me and marches out of my room. I roll my eyes and laugh at him.

"See you in eight minutes, Annie!" Austin calls as him, Nick and Ryder walk out of my room. Tyler waves to me and walks out, leaving just me and Mrs. Emerson.

I look up at her, knowing why she's still in here. "So, what am I wearing, Miss Designer?"

She snickers and hands me a Versace bag.

I stare at her, stunned. "A Versace bathing suit? Seriously?" She smiles and walks out of my room, shutting the door behind her.

I pull the bathing suit out of the bag, and stare at it in awe. The top is a white halter neck with gold starfish in random places. The same design is on the bikini bottoms as well. I strip off my pajamas and pull on the ridiculously amazing bikini.

I pull on a pink crop top and a pair of black shorts to cover the bikini, along with a pair of gladiator sandals, designed by Mrs. Emerson. I grab a sun hat, my phone, sunglasses, and put them into my VS tote bag.

"Ready to go?" a voice says outside my room.

I open the door to see Ryder standing there, shirtless in a pair of red Tommy Hilfiger swim trunks. "Yeah, I'm ready." He nods and leads me downstairs. Everyone is standing by the door, chatting amongst themselves.

This family is full of good looking guys, but when you see them shirtless, oh my goodness. Carter, Nick, and Ryder. All shirtless. That's just a little too much to handle. Why can't they put a shirt on? But then again, it's pretty great.

"Annie, you will be riding with Austin, Carter, Nick, and Ryder." Mr. Emerson says. My eyes widen. Is he kidding with me right now? In a car with the guys I was just drooling over? Other than Austin, of course.

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