Chapter 16: Bestfriends

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NaMi's POV

First thing on my mind, where is our next teacher and why is someone else in our room? I mean it seems like he's a new teacher but...

"Good morning everyone, never mind greeting back since you don't know me yet," He paused then eyed me. Oh seriously... not even here, please.

"I am Choi Min Woo. And yes, you might be wondering we are related with your classmate Nami. I am her uncle in short," And here he is introducing himself as my uncle. Everyone seemed to divert their attention from him to me. Okay... that feels totally awkward already.

"You've never told me that you have an uncle and a teacher at the same time." Min spoke whisperingly behind my back.

"It's because you've never asked?" I answered back and she just rolled her eyes at my statement.

"Well, so much for that. Your teacher's absent for some reasons and I am here to substitute him. Hoping we all could get along very well." He stated and then he started his class discussion. Though he is my uncle I've never known that he could be this very entertaining when it comes to discussions. Everyone seems to be having fun except for one. Yep! Sehun. That guy who's so boring and cold at the same time. And why am I thinking of him? Erase that.

So yeah everything went well and we're dismissed early since nothing much happened. Just introduction and stuffs.

-Time Skip-

At the cafeteria

Umm... should I start speaking or not? I don't even know if I should since Min could even do mind reading and stuffs again. Guess, I'll just have to wait for her to start speaking.

"Hey, you alright? You seemed quiet today..." She spoke and I gave her a face like I'm-still-freaked-out. And she sighed.

"Yeah.. about that. I told you earlier that I'll tell you all about those crazy things that had occurred. So here it goes..." I waited for her to speak and she did.

"Actually, I also don't know why I could hear people's thoughts." She said and I was like really? She's been hearing thoughts yet does not know the reason why. Is she a psychic? Or something?

"I can hear your thoughts.. I'm not a psychic or whatever. I know it freaks you out but I am more freaked out about these unnatural things happening to me." She said.

"Since when did you start hearing people's thoughts?" I asked out of curiousity.

"Well, can't remember though but it was really clear to me when I turned 3. I started hearing people's thoughts. I know it's private but I just can't help hearing those thoughts." She exclaimed. She seemed annoyed just by looking at her. I know it not natural that's why she acting that way.

"Does your mom or dad knows?" I asked.

"Neither of them. Mom never listens to me while dad's a busy man. You know..."

"But why didn't you tell me?" I asked once more.

"I was afraid. Afraid of losing you..." she said.

"Eww... that's so cheesy.. hahaha..." I say jokingly and she laughed at my retort and smiled yet a sad smile. I now understand how she feels.

"But it's true though. If I told you those things probably you'll be scared of me and then you'll distance yourself away from me. It's just that--" She didn't finish her sentence when I spoke.

"Even if you are a monster or whatever unnatural creature you are. You are still my bestfriend and no one else can take that. Keep that in mind... " I stated and she started sniffing and tears sprawled out her eyes. Well, it's been years eversince when we became friends yet we've never been apart. That's what friends are for, Right?

"Yah! Stop crying people are watching." I stated and calmed her down yet she still cried her eyes out. *sighs* this is gonna end hours from now. But it's alright as long as I'm here for her.

"Wah... I'm so thankful to you NaMi-ahh... *sniff* huhuhu... *hick*" She calmed down after all those drama when Luhan and the 'devil' came.

"Speaking of the devil..." I started off looking away from him for him not to notice that I was referring to him but I know he knows. That's just plain nonsense.

"Hey! What happened here? and why is..." Luhan was cut off when I spoke.

"Oh, just a little drama over here nothing much really..." I stated and he just smiled at me while the devil beside him is rolling his eyes and shook his head and then back to his poker face. The cycle actually is roll eyes→shakes head→poker face→ then repeat from the top. That's all the jerk does. This annoying jerk's making my blood boil again. Remembering the events that happened earlier. Psh... never knew he'd get so affected by my words. At least I knew how to hurt him through words. Serves you right. Karma to you!

Would you just calm down? You're killing Sehun in your thoughts... haha...

Okay... add up Min's mind readings. I have to also get used to this too.

"Why are you looking at me like that?" -_- (poker face)

"Nothing... *fakes smile*" I just want to kill you right now. Want to know? Thank goodness Min is here too.

"Well, uhm... mind if we sit here with you?" Luhan asked and I nodded in response while Min on the other side is blushing but not that obvious for them to see. Then I gave her a look to chill down and relax. True though it's not like Luhan's gonna eat him alive, right? But with Luhan's request, I have a condition.

"You may sit with us unless..." I looked at Sehun and smirked. And he noticed that too

"Unless what?" Luhan asked and Min looked confused too with my statement.

"Unless Sehun will leave. Now." I stated and smirked. Well, he wasn't taken aback though. What's he thinking? Sehun and Luhan are bestfriends and they are inseparable. Yet he didn't show any glint of unfairness in him.

"But..." Min spoke but then interrupted when Sehun spoke.

"I will when Nami will also leave." So who is he by the way to turn my condition all around? That's just like we're giving each other conditions, right? Anyways, this is our table and we, Min, should be the one take rules in here not him.

"Woah...woah... who are you by the way to change the conditions?" I retorted and he just has his poker face on.

"If you don't want then I won't leave." I stated. Tsk. I think it'll be better staying here with them and with the devil than leave this place.

"Fine. Stay here but don't say a word or I might sew your mouth." I threatened.

"Psh... just come with me, you clumsy." He stated then pulled my wrist pulling me towards I don't know where. I looked back at Min's direction and begged for helo yet Iw as way too far for them to help me. Ugh... what's with Sehun pulling me? He's been pulling me the whole day? What does he want now?


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