I walk into my house as I take a deep breath. I hear footsteps come down the stairs and I smile when I see it's my dad.

"Hey kiddo; how was your first day of real school?" dad asks me.

"Today was AMAZING!" I say as I clap my hands together.

"Well, I'm glad that you're happy."

"I made friends today too!"

"Oh, really! What are they like?"

"Barry is really smart, and Peter, he's a bit of a dork, but I like that", I say smiling.

"Dorky friends are nice", dad says as he checks his hands out.

"Well, I have to do my homework", I say as I start to walk away from him.

"Hey, wait. Don't you need my help?" dad asks disappointed.


I run upstairs without looking back and go into my room. I go to my desk and open my backpack. I take out my binder and open it. I pull out the papers and I smile...Real homework.

You would think a normal kid would hate school, hate homework, but I loved it, I was so excited to be going to a real school and not be homeschooled by my dad.


"DINNER TIME!" my dad yells as I close my binder and shove it into my backpack. I open my bedroom door and walk downstairs. I take a seat at the dinner table and take a sip from the ice cold water that was next to me. My dad walks over to me and hands me a plate with a grilled chicken, peas, and mashed potatoes.

"Eat up Tyler", dad says. I take my knife and fork to slice my chicken into tiny pieces. I eat each piece one by one, and then I mix my peas with my potatoes. This was my ritual. If the peas were not mixed with my potatoes, the potatoes would not be eaten.

I burp at my last bite and giggle. My dad, who was sitting next to me, raises his hand up next to me and smiles. I slap my hand onto his and laugh a little more.

"You are almost as disgusting as your father."

"I'll beat you someday", I say smiling at my dad.

"Come on; let's get you ready for bed."

I nod and get up from the table, grabbing my utensils. I walk over to the sink in the kitchen and rinse my plate and plop it into the dishwasher. I rub my hands against my pants as my dad walks in.

"Goodnight daddy", I say.

"Daddy?" he asks confused, "You haven't called me that since you were 7."

"I'm really happy today, and this was all because of you."

Dad walks over to me and gives me a hug. "I love you Tyler."

"I love you too daddy", I say hugging back and nudging my head into his neck.


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