Chapter Six: What Do I Want?

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After that strange confrontation with Rancor earlier, I've been thinking. Non-stop. What are his motives? Is he working with someone? Is there a bigger picture? Just an endless stream of thoughts and worries running through my brain at super speed. And they're all questions that'll be left unanswered... for now.

I sit at the kitchen table, pushing my cold mashed potatoes around my plate, staring into them like they are the void and I am transfixed on them. My parents had both finished dinner about ten minutes ago so I sit in the dim lit kitchen by myself.

Deciding that I probably won't be finishing my dinner, I place my plate on the counter and go into my room, but as soon as my door is closed an I'm about to lay down, my "business" phone rings.

"Ugh, you've got to be kidding me." I grumble to myself, before reluctantly answering the call with a mumbled "Hello?"

"Scarlett!" Rush yells over the phone. On the other line there is a sound that sounds like a roar and then screaming civilians. Within a split second I am changed into my costume and crouching in the windowsill waiting for directions.

Rush breathes heavily and stutters to find the words to say, before yelling into the phone, "Scarlett, there's some sort of-some sort of monster roaming in downtown. It's huge! Get down here now!" The line goes dead and I fly out of my window and across to downtown.

As I am flying, I spot this ginormous black goo monster, standing at about fifty feet tall. It slides and slithers down the street slowly but it sucks up everything in its path: cars, stop lights, people. I stop flying for a moment and take the scene in, forming a plan of action.

"Help!" A civilian screams as she tries to run out of the monster's warpath, but gets sucked up into the black abyss.

Without hesitation, I fly as fast as I can into the goo monster and find myself swimming in the jello like substance. I scoop up five civilians that have gone unconscious from lack of oxygen and propel us out into the street. I hand them off to the paramedics who just arrived and fly up to meet Rush who is staring at it wide eyed.

"Scarlett!" She yells when she sees me. "Thank God you're here. What do we do? How do we fight it?" We fly closer to it and it turns to face us, roaring loudly, sending little pieces of goop flying from its mouth. I wipe off a piece from my spandex suit and fling it away. The monster swings at us with an arm, but it's like it is in slow motion because we dodge it easily.

I shoot a fire ball at it but it just absorbs it and it is distinguished within the monster. "Rush, shoot it with water." I command, and she listens, shooting it with a large amount of water. Part of it starts melting and drains into the nearby sewer, and that's when I get an idea.

"You shoot it with water from up here, I'll shoot it with water from down here." I shout and fly to a nearby fire truck. I grab the hose from the truck, as the fire fighters watch me with shock, and attach it to a nearby fire hydrant.

I shoot water at the monster and it starts melting away, and with Rush's and my water combined, the monster easily dissolves and drains into the sewer. The only evidence of it ever being here is the puddles of black goo dispersed along the street.

When the monster is gone and everyone deems it safe, the civilians emerge from the buildings and into the street, cheering for us, chanting our names. Rush flies down beside me and we walk over to the side of the street.

"Where's Zeus?" I finally ask after realizing he isn't here.

Rush shrugs her shoulders. "He didn't answer my call." She replies as we await the sea of reporters and people who will inevitably bombard us.

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