Chapter Four: My Pencil

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Monday comes quick, and luckily, last night was a Villain free night so I actually got a decent amount of sleep.

I walk through the halls with Erin flanked on my right. She is receiving an abnormal amount of attention since she just came back from Europe. People who didn't even speak to her prior to her trip are now smiling and waving at her. She returns the friendliness but glares at them when they've passed by, muttering about how everyone in this school is fake.

We go our separate ways once the bell rings and I head to my first subject; Chemistry. I enter the class and sit in my regular spot in the far back corner of the room next to a back door which leads to the hallway, a spot I picked in case I need to go save the city during class since it would be an easy escape.

The door beside me swings open dramatically and a student named Landon enters the room. He looks around and heads for his seat in front of me, and I mentally groan at his presence since I find him quite annoying with his overflowing ego.

He brushes a hand through his brown hair and throws his books onto the table.

Overtop of my head might I add.

I glare at him as he silently cheers himself on, glancing at people for encouragement, but no one pays attention.

He sits in his chair and tips it back so that the back of his chair touches the front of my desk. One swift movement on my part, whether it be me kicking one of the legs of the chair out from beneath him or pulling my desk back, and he would fall.

Wouldn't that be glorious?

The teacher enters the room and takes attendance before going on with the lesson plan. I write down notes and try to stay focused but the only thing I can pay attention to is Landon drumming his pencil on his desk.

I inhale a deep breath, trying to take control over the literal fire within my body and lightly tap his shoulder with the eraser of my pencil.

He turns around and looks at me with an oblivious face. "What?" he asks, raising his eyebrows at me.

I give him a sickly sweet smile. "Could you possibly quit drumming your pencil?" I ask politely, making myself want to throw up in my mouth slightly.

He smiles mischievously at me and starts tapping it again. "You mean this?" he asks, drumming it louder.

I sigh and shake my head, then reach forward, using my Super speed a little. I grab the pencil from his hand, and he looks at me with wide eyes and shock.

He reaches out to grab it from me but I move my hand away and teasingly wave it in front of his face.

His eyes narrow and I see the corner of his lips twitch up to a smirk. "Okay, come on. Give it back," he says as he holds his hand out.

By now, we have gained a few stares, including the attention of the teacher, but Mr. Zapatero continues speaking.

I let out a long hmm sound and tap the end of his pencil on my chin as if I'm thinking about it. "Are you going to stop tapping it?" I ask him.

He goes to grab it from my hand again but I move it away before he can get it.

"I can't make any promises," he retorts in a serious tone.

I glare at him. "Then you don't get it back."

"Landon and Charlotte," Mr. Zapatero calls out, silencing the both of us. The whole class looks in our direction, their stares burning holes into my skin.

"Yes, sir?"  Landon says, turning to face the teacher.

Mr. Zap interjects. "Is there a problem?"

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